2018 Micronational Summit, São Paulo

The 2018 Micronational Summit of São Paulo was the second summit of heads of states and governments of the Lusophone Sector of micronationalism. It took place in São Paulo, Brazil. This summit, as the previous that happened in 2016, intended to promote the practice of micronationalism and bring together the leaders of the already established micronations.

The meeting was attended by the leaders and representatives of Karnia-Ruthenia, United Provinces of Mauricia, R.U.P.A. and the Império Alemão, a simulationist and historical-modelist micronation.

Despite the difference between the micronational projects that attended the summit, three historical-modelists, which are the predominant genre in the Lusophone Sector, and the realist-derivatist represented by Karnia-Ruthenia, the meeting found several points of convergence that made the summit a resounding diplomatic success between the participants.

Subjects discussed between the parties dealt with diplomacy in the Lusophone sector in a broad aspect, comparisons on micronational practices in different countries, international cooperation and citizen interchange to strengthen ties and share technologies and information, as well as micronational economics and market dynamics.

There was also the awarding of the commemorative medals of the event to the participants and of the Order of St. Peter by Karnia-Ruthenia and of the Maurense Order of the Golden Fleece by the United Provinces of Mauricia.

Facing the cohesion of the participants, other issues of the meeting are expected to occur in 2018[1].

On 03 March, almost a month after the original meeting, an extra meeting was held between the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia and the King of R.U.P.A., one of the oldest and most traditional micronations in the Lusophone Sector, who can not attend on the day of the meeting. Of more informal character, the monarchs passed on topics of mutual interest and pointed out others. The greatest result of the meeting possibly was the signing of the treaty of mutual recognition between the parties and the desire to hold more meetings of that nature in the City of São Paulo.

II Micronational Summit of São Paulo
II Encontro Micronacional de São Paulo
Summit poster in Karnia-Ruthenia, by Emperor Oscar.
Host countrylink={{{2}}} Brazil
Date04 February 2018
United Provinces of Mauricia
Império Alemão



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