Academic Prowess Medal (Libertia)

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Academic Prowess Medal
Medalha de Proeza Académica
Awarded by the
Duke of Libertia
Type Medal of Merit
Eligibility Civilians
Awarded for educational prowess (High-School and University Graduation)
Status Active
Established 8 March 2017
First induction 8 March 2017
Last induction 8 March 2017
Distinct recipients 2
Academic Prowess Medal ribbon.png
Ribbon of the medal

The Academic Prowess Medal is an award created by the Duke of Libertia on 8 March 2017. The award recognizes those who achieved an academic or educational prowess (High-School and University Graduation). To recieve the Academic Prowess Medal, the recipients must be aged 18 or higher and have Karno-Ruthenian citizenship for more than a month.

Recipients[edit | edit source]

  1. LibertiaFlag.png T.H. Iris Abreo-Pacheco, Baroness of Pacheco (Graduated in Sciences and Technologies) (awarded 8 March 2017)
  2. LibertiaFlag.png T.H. Diana Di Souza-Gôvea, Baroness of Di Souza (Graduated in Tourism) (awarded 8 March 2017)

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