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Civil flag of the Kingdom of Ruthenia.

Ruthenia is comprised in separate pieces of land, just one of them contiguous. Most of the Kingdom is located at the Northeast Region of Brazil and only small territories in São Paulo, Southeast Region of Brazil, but the whole kingdom is governed directly by the King, without intermediaries, through a centralized government.

In the north, are located Grand Duchy of Weißeswasser, bordering the Duchy of Ladislavia, the Grand Duchy of Hoheneinsamkeit and the Duchy of Cieszpreg and Zallanta, formerly known as Principality of Saint Stephen and Duchy of Saint Peter and Saint Paul before being renamed in 2020 after the reorganization promoted by the Imperial Decree n. 200-2020[1] All these territories, rural estates owned by the Imperial Family, are surrounded by the city of Canavieira, Piauí.

Administrative structure of Ruthenia from 2014 to 2020.

In south, are located the Kingdom of Escandia, surrounded by the city of Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo and formerly know as Grand Duchy of Escandia, the Duchy of Persenburg-Götzödorf by the city of São Paulo and province that host the Imperial City of Persenburg, the main capital of the Empire and seat of the Karno-Ruthenian Monarchy, but also the imperial capital of the Occidian Empire since 01 October 2020; Persenburg-Götzödorf was formerly know as Royal District until 22 March 2015. Also surrounded by the city of São Paulo, there is the Duchy of Podenbrad. Surrounded by the same state of São Paulo, but bordered by the city of Campinas, exist the Duchy of Oswiencin.

Some of this estates didn't became territories of Ruthenia at the moment the kingdom was found back in 19 December 2014. For example, Escandia was created by royal request to the General Assembly on 23 December 2014. This first reorganization also extinguished the denomination of "Exclave South" and transforming the royal residence into the "Royal District".

Before the establishment of Karnia-Ruthenia in 2016, other territories were considered provinces of Ruthenia then autonomous states, like the Duchy of Libertia and the Kingdom of Acrin, and some other dissolved states, like the Grand Duchy of Grevenia and Caledonia and the Grand Duchy of Columba Pictorum, both in United States.

Territories of the Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Flag Arms Name Population Governor Notes
11002199 926368210737120 49255121 o.jpg
Kingdom of Escandia
Oscar I
Formerly a grand duchy.
Grand Duchy of Weißeswasser
Archduke Ari
11000113 926367667403841 642401032 o.jpg
Grand Duchy of Hoheneinsamkeit
Archduke Ari
Formerly the Principality of Saint Stephen.
11035227 926368287403779 336212727 o.jpg
Duchy of Persenburg-Götzödorf.png
Duchy of Persenburg-Götzödorf
Oscar I
One of the capitals of Karnia-Ruthenia and seat of the court of Occidia.
Duchy of Oswiencin
Archduke Ari
Duchy of Ladislavia
Archduke Ari
Duchy of Podenbrad
Archduke Ari
11029859 926367900737151 2128078475 o.jpg
Cieszpreg and Zallanta.png
Duchy of Cieszpreg and Zallanta
Archduke Ari
Formerly the Duchy of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

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