Armed Forces of Ruthenia

The Armed Forces of Kingdom of Ruthenia (English for "Forças Armadas do Reino da Rutênia"); comprised of the unified armed forces of Kingdom of Ruthenia and their authorities and commanders.

Armed Forces of Ruthenia
Forças Armadas da Rutênia
Armed Forces logo
Founded January 26, 2014
Service branches Army.png Royal Army of Ruthenia
Naval.png Royal Navy of Ruthenia
Air.png Royal Air Force of Ruthenia
GR.png Royal Guard
Commander-in-Chief Oscar, King of Ruthenia
Flag of Ruthenia for War.png
Armed Forces flag



The Ruthenian military was established on 26 November of 2014. It's main purpose is protect the Kingdom, the King and the People of Ruthenia.

Service BranchesEdit

  Royal Army of Ruthenia
  Royal Navy of Ruthenia
  Royal Air Force of Ruthenia
  Royal Guard

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