Departments of the Ruthenian Government

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His Majesty's Government of the Kingdom of Ruthenia contains a number of ministers who are usually called Ministers of State when they are in charge of Government departments called ministerial departments. These members of the ministerial departments are supported by civil and military servants.

Coat of Arms of the Ruthenian Government.

Types of Government Department[edit | edit source]

A Ministery department is led politically by a Government minister. For most departments, the Government minister in question is known as a minister of state and he is also a member of the Council of State. He or she is generally supported by a team of junior secretaries. The administrative management of the department is led by a senior civil servant known as a secretary. A non-ministerial department generally cover matters for which direct political oversight is judged unnecessary or inappropriate. They are headed by someone appointed by the Minister indicated by His Majesty to regulate and/or inspect this department.

List of ministerial departments of Ruthenia[edit | edit source]

List of non-ministerial departments of Ruthenia[edit | edit source]

Coat of Arms of Government Bodies[edit | edit source]

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