House of Imvrassia

The House of Imvrassia is a royal house of princes, kings, and emperors of Imvrassia. The family arose in the area around from different towns of Greece in 2011 and took their name from the Principality of Imvrassia. Since 02 September 2015, the House of Imvrassia also holds the Crown of Orfalia due to the enthronement of the then Prince Aggelos on the Orfalian Throne and after 23 June 2016, the recently founded Duchy of Argadia offered their ducal crown to the Head of the Imvrassian Royal Family.

House of Imvrassia
CountryEmpire of Imvrassia
Empire of Orfalia
Karno-Ruthenian Empire
TitlesKing of Imvrassia
Emperor of Orfalia
Duke of Argadia
Hegemon of the Hellenistic League
FounderHM Aggelos I, King of Imvrassia
Current headHM Queen Aikaterini (Imvrassia)
Founding2011 (Imvrassia)
2016 (Argadia)
2020: monarchy desestablished
Cadet branchesImvrassia-Argadia

Members of the House of Imvrassia are considered the direct descendants of the founder of Imvrassia, Aggelos, and the descendants of them. The style used for them is "His/Her Royal Highness, Prince/Princess X of Imvrassia". Apart from the founder of the Dynasty, the other members of the House are his children, Crown Princess Theologia, Prince Stamatios and Queen Aikaterini.

On 2016, joined the Karno-Ruthenian Nobility, but lost their influence after the secession of the Duchy of Argadia on 08 May 2020.

Principal rolesEdit

After the Imperial Decree n. 106-2017, the members of the House of Imvrassia holds Argadian citizenship and was granted the title of Prince of Argadia as well. Their principal roles, including the roles of their cadet branches were as:

  • Emperor of Imvrassia (2020 - present);
  • Emperor of Orfalia (2015 - 2016);
  • King of Imvrassia (2016 - 2020);
  • King of Orfalia (2015);
  • King of Ionisia (2019);
  • Duke of Argadia (2016 - 2020);
  • Prince of Imvrassia (2011 - 2016);
  • Prince of the Heptarchy of New Herakleia (2012 - 2013);
  • Prince of New Mystras (2012 - 2013);
  • Despot of New Mystras (2013 - 2016);
  • Archon of Ionisia (2018 - 2019);
  • Hegemon of the Hellenistic League (2016 - present);
  • Head of the Commonwealth of Hellenic Micronations (2013 - 2016);
  • Commissioner of the Despotate of Thrace (2013 - 2016).

Line of Succession to the ThroneEdit

Imvrassia had equal primogeniture sucession, but that is limited to those descended from King Aggelos, through approved marriage. Dynasts lose their right to the throne if they marry without the permission of the monarch or current pretender. Individuals born to unmarried dynasts or to former dynasts that married without royal permission, and their descendants, are excluded from the throne. Further, when approving a marriage, the monarch can impose conditions that must be met in order for any resulting offspring to have succession rights.

Armorial of the Royal HouseEdit

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House of Imvrassia
Founding year: 2011
Preceded by
Monarchy established
Ruling House of Imvrassia
2011 – present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
House of Angelos
Ruling House of Orfalia
2015 - 2016
Succeeded by
Monachy dissolved
Preceded by
Monarchy established
Ruling House of Argadia
2016 - 2020
Succeeded by
Monachy dissolved