House of Karácsony-Maryen-Saena

The House of Karácsony-Maryen-Saena is a noble family of dukes and princes of Karnia-Ruthenia. The family arose in the area around 2018 and took their name after being nobilited by the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia that year, but they ascended the proeminence within the Lusophone sector of micronationalism back in 2015.

House of Karácsony-Maryen-Saena
CountryKarniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
Brigantia.png Brigantia and Afrikanda
MaryenFlag.png Maryen
TitlesDuke of Saena
Prince of Karácsony-Maryen
Prince of Maryen
Crown Prince of Brigantia and Afrikanda
Archduke of Aquiwedé
FounderHH Thomas, Prince Karácsony-Maryen
Current headHH Thomas, Prince Karácsony-Maryen
2018: Thomas I abdicated.

That year, the founder of the house, Thomas I left the Kingdom of Pathros, where he started his micronational trajectory to join King Emerson Aquiwedé and founded the United Kingdom of Brigantia and Afrikanda. There, he played important roles and contributed to the consolidation of the Kingdom. For this reason, he was adopted as the brother of the King, becoming the heir of the Brigante Throne, holding the titles of Archduke of Aquiwedé, Crown Prince - or Omubiito - of United Kingdom of Brigantia and Afrikanda and Count of Sofala.

After political differences with the Oba, the Crown Prince left Brigantia for the Kingdom of Escorvania on April 2017 and there, he was contacte to assume the crown of the recently founded Principality of Maryen. As Sovereign Prince of Maryen, he was notable for the diplomatic conduction of the country, being able to maintain diplomatic relations with several micronations of the Portuguese-speaking micronations, becoming a promising project and a political force. However, on 11 March 2018, the monarchy collapsed and the principality was extinguished.

In March 2018, the now former Prince of Maryen but bearing since 2017 the title of Count Karácsony, assumed Karno-Ruthenian citizenship. Considering his diplomatic skills and increasing reputation, he was made Margrave and Prince in 2018 and Duke of Saena in 2020.

Members of the House are considered the direct descendants of the first Prince, Thomas, and the descendants of them. The style used for them is "His/Her Highness, Duke/Duchess X of Saena", while the heir use the style of "His/Her Highness, Prince/Princess X of Karácsony-Maryen-Saena". The heir apparent is His Highness, Prince Theodore of Karácsony-Maryen-Saena, only child of Duke Thomas of Saena and his wife, Duchess Amanda of Saena.

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