House of Werzberg

The House of Werzberg, or House of Werzberg-Cardonia-Rostrand was one of the most important royal houses of Karnia-Ruthenia and the most traditional family in Cardonia. The throne of Cardonia was occupied by the family on 2015, when Carl, King of Cardonia founded the kingdom. The house also holded several other minor titles.

House of Werzberg
Kingdom of Cardonia-CoA.png
CountryKarnia-Ruthenia, Cardonia
TitlesKing of Cardonia
Prince of Cardonia
Duke of Dönhiberg
Duke of Libenstein
Prince of Krizenberg
Count Rostrand
FounderHRM King Carl
Current headHH Carl, Prince of Werzberg
Founding05 September 2015
Deposition01 January 2020
EthnicityHan Chinese

The house is composed by Carl, King of Cardonia, his younger brother, Clemens, Prince of Cardonia, also Duke of Peruna and heir-apparent to the Throne and Prince Alexander, second King of Cardonia.

The dynasty was dethroned in Cardonia in 2016, but recovered the throne in 2019, with help from Karnia-Ruthenia after the signing of the Treaty of Libenstein, but dethroned again by the Imperial Diet during the II Legislature by the end of 2019 in a decision executed formally on 01 January 2020, through the abdication of Carl Werzberg on behalf of Oscar I. He kept his other titles, but resumed the dynasty's role as a ruling family.

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