Imperial Anthem

The Imperial Anthem of Karnia-Ruthenia is the national anthem of Karnia-Ruthenia and is deeply inspired by Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser ("God Save Emperor Francis"), the anthem to Francis II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and later of Austria. The original lyrics were by Lorenz Leopold Haschka (1749–1827), but the version used in Karnia-Ruthenia is inspired in the lyrics made by the musicologist Charles Burney; the melody is the same composed by Joseph Haydn.

Haydn's tune has since been widely employed in other contexts: in works of classical music, in Christian hymns, in alma maters, and as the tune of the "Deutschlandlied", the national anthem of Germany. The idea of using this tune and lyrics came in 2016, after the signing of the Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016 and symbolized the moment when the authorities of the Empire wanted to assimilate with the Austro-Hungarian traditions exalted by the Empire. The anthem would be recorded for the first time a year later, on 15 July 2017 by the Ban of Horvatia in a private audience with the Emperor and Duke of Libertia, and later made available to the public.

Imperial Anthem of Karnia-Ruthenia
God Save Emperor Oscar!
Ruthenian Eagle.png
Coat of arms of Empire.

Anthem of Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
LyricsLorenz Leopold Haschka and Charles Burney
MusicJoseph Haydn
Adopted01 August 2017
Music sampleFile:Karno-Ruthenian Empire Anthem - God Save Emperor Oscar.ogg