Imperial and Royal Military Academy

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Imperial and Royal Military Academy
Kaiserliche und Königliche Militärakademie
Military Academy coat of arms
Founded 07 January 2018

The Imperial and Royal Military Academy (Kaiserliche und Königliche Militärakademie, KKMA) is a military academy in Karnia-Ruthenia, where the Armed Forces of Karnia-Ruthenia train their officers cadets. Founded in 2018 by Michael I, Duke of Appinfeldt, who is also the first and current Rector-Commandant. The academy is located in Persenburg, Ruthenia. The KKMA is responsible for the education of the officers of the components of the Imperial and Royal defense.

KKMA Rector-Commandants[edit | edit source]

Below there is a selection of the commanders of the KKMA.

Name Rank Term Remark
Michael I, Duke of Appinfeldt Aide-de-camp 2017-present First military professional to serve the Empire, first Head of the Imperial General Headquarters.

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