Imperial and Royal Military Academy

The Imperial and Royal Military Academy (Kaiserliche und Königliche Militärakademie, KKMA) is a military academy in Karnia-Ruthenia, where the Armed Forces of Karnia-Ruthenia train their officers cadets. Founded in 2018 by Michael I, Duke of Appinfeldt, who is also the first and current Rector-Commandant. The academy is located in Persenburg, Ruthenia. The KKMA is responsible for the education of the officers of the components of the Imperial and Royal defense.

Imperial and Royal Military Academy
Kaiserliche und Königliche Militärakademie
Military Academy coat of arms
Founded 07 January 2018

KKMA Rector-CommandantsEdit

Below there is a selection of the commanders of the KKMA.

Name Rank Term Remark
Michael I, Duke of Appinfeldt Aide-de-camp 2017-present First military professional to serve the Empire, first Head of the Imperial General Headquarters.

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