Isola Nera

Isola Nera also referred as Black Island but officialy Isola Nera Viscounty is an island in the Ross Archipelago, immediately west of Isola Bianca. It was first named by the Discovery Expedition (1901–04) because of its lack of snow and it was claimed by the Principality of Lomellina in 6 August 2014. The island's northernmost point is named Cape Hodgson, commemorating Thomas Vere Hodgson.

Isola Nera
Isola Nera Viscounty
—  Island  —
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Satellite picture of Isola Nera.
Country Bandeira.png Lomellina
Localization Antarctica
Archipelago ROSS ARCHIPELAGO.png Ross Archipelago
Claimed 6 August 2014
 - Viscount Joseh Locio Viera
Population (2014)
 - Total 0
Demonym Rossian

The highest point is Mt. Aurora, a principal radio relay point. On the minor peak of Mt. Melania is the principal earth-based ground-station for the US Antarctic Program.


Isola Nera is controlled under the Count of Ross. Within the county there are various viscounties, being the Viscount of Isola Nera one of them, and is controlled by Joseh Locio Viera and his consort Siera Moniz Veloza.

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