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Kasey Honings is politician from Hartford, Connecticut. His political career dates back to the predecessors of the Empire of New Europe and the New European government itself. After inactivity throughout portions of New Europe's history, Honings resurfaced in 2015 to reestablish himself in the North American Confederation having acted as Deputy Prime Minister until 2016.

Career[edit | edit source]

Founder of the Connecticut Republic[edit | edit source]

Kasey Honings was an original founder of New Europe. Early in his involvement with New Europe, Honings supported the policies of ethnic cleansing and white supremacy. However, become an ardent opponent of this policies after start a relationship with an African-American woman. Due this opposition, the Emperor of New Europe removed Honings from authority and began to dismantle Connecticut. In later years, however, both the Emperor and New Europe as a whole would have a change of heart concerning white supremacy, and it was eventually declared illegal by the Emperor. The modern North American Confederation, in which Honings was the Deputy Prime Minister, has no aspects of white supremacy within its government, and the laws against it remains.

North American Confederation[edit | edit source]

On 08 June 2015, Emperor William I and Prime Minister Marx announced the appointment of Honings to the office of Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation.

Preceded by
Office created
President of Connectiut
18 January 2007 - 2 March 2009
Succeeded by
Tina Williams
Preceded by
Office created
Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation
8 June 2015 - 23 April 2016
Succeeded by
Amanda McCollum

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