Libertian Archives

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The Libertian Archives (Portuguese: Arquivos Libertinos) is an executive agency of the Government of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, estabilished by the Duke of Libertia in Libertian capital, Grancasa. It is "the most reliable source in Ruthenian documentation and micronational ex-libris" and their motto is "Preserve & Protect". The Libertian Archives have a very important role of leadership for the entire archives sector in Ruthenia. As the government official archive, their material includes the original text of the Ruthenian Constitution of 2015, the Criminal and the Civil Codes, the Fundamental Laws of the Royal Family, naturalisation certificates, nobility charters, maps and several other documents from the Kingdom of Ruthenia, the Duchy of Libertia, the State of Bessabia and the Principality of Lomellina. On late October 2016, the Libertian Archives established through the Miraheze the official encyclopædia of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.

Libertian Archives
Arquivos Libertinos
Executive agency overview
Jurisdiction Newlibertia.png Duchy of Libertia
Headquarters Grancasa
Employees 2
Minister responsible HRH. the Duke of Libertia, Head of the Archives

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