Lifreian Monarchy

Kanfre of Lifréia
Царь Лифзара
Standart Kanfre.png
Kanfre Ivan 2019.jpg
Kanfre Ivan VII
Ivan, Kanfre of Lifréia
since 15 May 2015
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
Heir apparentKanfrerine Karol
First monarchIvan VII
Formation15 May 2015
ResidenceAutumn Palace

List of Kanfres of LifréiaEdit

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Reign duration House Title
I Ivan VII 08 May
present 6 years 10 days Lamburg Kanfre and Autocrat of All Lifréia
First Kanfre of Lifréia, and first Duke of Lamburg. Was acclaimed Kanfre in 2015. Fought in the Nossian-Lifreian Civil War.

Properties of the CrownEdit

Imperial Palace of Yakteerin, Nikol, Province of Low Baltic, 2018.