Nicholas Bender

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Nicholas Bender was one of the earliest military officials in all of the Empire of New Europe. He has served with dedication to the cause of improving nationalism and worked effortlessly to help forge a powerful army. He commanded the New European Grenadier Regiment which was originally the only regiment that was not under direct control of the imperial government. After the civil war it was nationalized in order to restore order.

Early lifeEdit

Little is known Nicholas Bender earlier years prior to comming into the micronational world. He was born in Pittsburgh, United States in 1990. His family at some point moved to South Carolina were he went to high school. While in school in enrolled in the schools J.R.O.T.C. program.

Military careerEdit

When New Europe was established in early 2009, Bender was asked by his friend, King Matthew to join in the Imperial Army of New Europe in service to the empire. He accepted and was promoted to the rank of Major for his years in J.R.O.T.C. As an officer, Bender was given command of Royal South Carolinian "Garde du Corps". He received many recommendations and awards for excellence for his training of the corps, he would remain with this regiment for many months.

Battle of ForestbrookEdit

In May 2009, King Matthew became ambitious and saught to expand the empire and his own kingdom. Bender accompanied the king on a routine exercise and they discovered a covert mission to infiltrate the state government and help establish a communist micronation in North Carolina. On their way to inform the government they were ambushed and he was wounded. He himself retreated and returned with reinforcements that caused the tide of the battle to turn in favour of New Europe. Following the battle he received a wound badge.

Seige of the City of HartfordEdit

During the New European Civil War, he refused to renounce his loyalty to the monarchies of New Europe and North Carolina. He and his regiment joined the New European Loyalist Army and was one of the leading forces on the Southern and later Eastern Front. He was later given field command of all forces going east towards Hartford, the Connecticuter state capital. He halted his advance until word from the emperor arrived allowing him to take the city in his name. When it was given, he lead the charge into the city recieving more wounds and oversaw the surrender of Ryan Lahiff.

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