North American Senate

The North American Senate, formally the North American Congress, is the unicameral legislature of the North American Confederation. Initially a bicameral legislature during the Meek government, the Congress was disbanded during the period of the Interregnum, before being reestablished first as a unicameral provisional legislature, then the current unicameral Senate, following the ratification of the Constitution of the North American Confederation.

North American Senate
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First Senator
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Discord, "Senate Chamber"

The Senate meets on a Discord channel, to ensure ease of access for all Senators. Senators represent their moieties, a collection of households which organize together for their collective interests or ease. The Senate currently has 4 active members, representing 6 households and 9 citizens. Senators are not elected, but selected in a manner agreed to by all households of their moieties. Such Senators serve their term until they either resign or are replaced by their moiety.

To be eligible for appointment, a candidate must be a resident of the moiety which they wish to represent.

Officially, the 1st North American Congress (2010-2011) was concluded with the dis-establishment of the North American Confederation in April 2012. With the reformation of the Confederation, the provisional 2nd North American Congress, fulfilled the legislative requirements of the nation, before being replaced by the 3rd North American Senate, that is current legislature.


Article Three of the Constitution of the North American Confederation states that "all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in the Senate of the North American Confederation." Initially, the North American legislature had been a bicameral legislature, with the House and Senate as equal partners in the legislative process—legislation could not be enacted without the consent of both chambers. However significant structure problems, coupled with immense factionalism quickly made both houses unmanageable, with all legislation often dying on the floor.

With the passage of the Constitution in July 2018, the legislature was heavily reformed and reorganized, removing many of the unnecessary American elements and streamlining the Senate selection and legislative consideration processes.

Former LegislaturesEdit

  • 1st North American Congress (2010 - 2011)
  • 2nd North American Congress (2016 - 2018)
  • 3rd North American Congress (2018 - present)