Nossian Monarchy

The Nossian Monarchy, usually referred to as The Princely Crown, is a constitutional institution and historic office of Principality of Nossia. The monarchy comprises the reigning prince, his or her family, and the household organization which supports and facilitates the monarch in the exercise of his duties and prerogatives. The monarch and their immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. The Nossian Monarchy is currently represented by Carlo I and his presumptive heir, Ivano, Duke of Massac.

Prince of the Nossians
Prìnsipe da Nóssea
Príncipe Carlo I em trajes casuais.jpeg
H.S.H Carlo I of Lamburg-Massaca
Carlo I
since 05 January 2016
StyleHis Serene Highness
Heir presumptiveIvano, Duke of Massac
First monarchCarlo I
Formation05 January 2016
ResidencePrincely Palace of Palco
Villa Paulina
Princely Palace of Nossia


In the succession of the reigning prince, dynasts who are "born in the blue" are preferred. On the unavalibility of these, the most closely related dynast by blood shall be chosen. The heir-apparent to the Nossian throne is known by the title of Duke of Massac. On the lack of a dynast for the reigning house, the Princely Parliament shall be assembled on an extraordinary session, to decide on the new ruling dynasty of the Principality.


The ceremonial of the institution of the Nossian monarchy covers rites developed to demonstrate power by pomp and majesty. Some of the ceremonies performed by the Nossian prince include:


The enthronement of the then-pretender, confirming him as the Prince of the Nossians, in a elaborate ceremony on the Palasso Salina, the seat of the Nossian parliament.

Opening of ParliamentEdit

The Prince delivers the Speech from the Throne, outlining the government's agenda for the first legislative period, opening the parliament for the first six months.

Reenactment of the March on PalcoEdit

Every 05 January, the Prince, along the 1st Princely Cavalry Division and the 1st Princely Infantry Division, reenact the March on Palco, as done on the day the capital was retaken from the Lifréians.

Reenactment of the Princely AcclamationEdit

Reenactment of the Acclamation of Carlo I as the Nossian monarch.

Consecration of the Princely CrownEdit

Every 09 July, the Prince again reenacts the consecration of the Princely Crown to the patron saint of the Principality, Saint Paulina, confirming her as the patron of the Nossian monarchy and the Princely Family.

List of Princes of NossiaEdit

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Reign duration House Title
I Carlo I 5 January
present 5 years, 4 months, 1 day Lamburg-Massaca Prince of the Nossians
First Prince of the Nossians, 1st Kanfrerine of Lifréia and first Hereditary Prince of Lamburg. Was acclaimed Prince of the Nossians after liberating the Principality in the Nossian-Lifréian Civil War, when Nossia was known as the Lifréian province of "Dukedom of Astra".

Properties of the Nossian CrownEdit