Oh, Fatherland

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Oh, Fatherland
National Anthem ofFlagofdelvera.jpg Grand Republic of Delvera
LyricsJordan Brizendine, 2012
MusicJordan Brizendine, 2012
AdoptedMarch 2012 (Commonwealth of Lavrasia)
May 2013 (Grand Republic of Delvera)

“Oh, Fatherland” is the national anthem of the Grand Republic of Delvera. It was written in early 2012 by Jordan Brizendine, then Lord Governor of the Commonwealth of Lavrasia, and proposed as the new anthem for the NottaLottan Empire. While Imperial Secretary of State, Dylan Callahan praised the piece, he suggested it instead be used to represent the Commonwealth. As with many other symbols of this era, it was carried over to the new republic in 2013.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

Oh, Fatherland I sing to thee!
From you I’ll never roam.
Your banner flies, forever free,
You’ll always be my home!

Oh, Fatherland, I love thee!
My life I offer gladly.
May God be with you, Fatherland,
And all of us eternally.

You may be bare of lofty peaks,
And vast unending seas,
But for another I’ll ne’er seek:
I love your hills and trees!


My thoughts will never stray from you,
Though I may be far away.
Your bounteous fields, crystal with dew,
Are in my heart to stay!


Oh, Fatherland to thee I sing!
I’ll raise your banner high.
Forever may your anthems ring,
I’ll sing them ‘til I die!


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song is rare among micronational anthems in that it was entirely written, composed, and performed by a micronationalist.
  • “Oh, Fatherland” was intended to be a blend of a religious hymn and a nationalistic march.
  • Only the first verse of the song is commonly performed at national events.
  • Though Jordan Brizendine did compose the song, credit is also due to his former music teacher, who assisted him in writing harmonies.