Order of the White Lion

The Order of the White Lion is an order of chivalry in the Occidian Empire, being also a decoration during the existence of the North American Confederation and of the Empire of New Europe. The order was founded on 07 December 2009 by Emperor Wilhelm I. After the proclamation of the Occidian Empire, the order was raised as the higher decoration in the country.

Order of the White Lion
Order of the white lion.png
Order of the White lion ribbon.png
Badge and ribbon
Awarded by Occidia
the North American Confederation and New Europe (formerly)
Country Occidian Empire
Type Chivalric order
Eligibility Exceptional merit in relation to culture, economy, and other designations.
Awarded for Civil or military merit
Status Currently awarded
Post-nominals WL
Established 07 December 2009
First awarded 21 March 2010
Last awarded 2020
Total awarded 08
Next (lower) Order of North America

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