Prince Heitor of Roschfallen

Prince Heitor (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14 May 2011) is a Prince of Roschfallen and the second in the line of succession to the throne of Roschfallen. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he is the first and sole child of Élida, Princess of Iriland and Mr. Filipe Schlloterback, both ballet dancers.

Prince Heitor
Prince of Roschfallen
Born 14 May 2011 (2011-05-14) (age 9)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Full name
Heitor Schlotterback Brum
House Brum
Father Élida, Princess of Iriland
Mother Filipe Schlotterback
Religion Christianity
Styles of
Prince Heitor
Roschfallen CoA.png
Reference styleHis Serene Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleSire

Titles, styles and honoursEdit

Titles and stylesEdit

  • 28 January 2014 – present: His Highness Prince Heitor of Roschfallen


National HonorsEdit

As Prince of Roschfallen, Heitor is Grand Cross of the following Roschfallenian Orders:

Foreign HonorsEdit


The ancestry of Prince Heitor:


Prince Heitor of Roschfallen
Born: 14 May 2011
Preceded by
New title
Prince of Roschfallen
28 January 2014 – present
Succeeded by