Ross Archipelago

Ross Archipelago
Archipelago of Bandeira.png Lomellina

Official Flag
Coat of Arms

Ross Archipelago in red.
Capital cityISOLABEAU.png Isola Beaufort
Largest cityISOLANERA.png Isola Nera
Official language(s)Italian, Portuguese
Official religion(s)Deism
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- Countvacant
- Countessvacant
Established06 August 2014 (Foundation)
CurrencyEuro (€) (de jure)
n/a (de facto)

Ross Archipelago or County of Ross is a name for that group of islands located in Antarctica in which, together with the ice shelf between them, forms the eastern and southern boundaries of McMurdo Sound. It was claimed by the Principality of Lomellina in 6 August 2014 apart from the Dellbridge Islands and Ross Island. The most northerly is Isola Beaufort then Isola Nera and Isola Bianca. Frank Debenham's classic report, The Physiography of the Ross Archipelago, 1923, described "Brown Island" (now Brown Peninsula) as a part of the group.


Following the foundation of Lomellina, D. Guilherme I claimed 3 islands as being Lomellinian territory in 6 August 2014, forming the County of Ross and it's Duchies, one per island. Currently, the prince is in the search for the right of claiming the other two islands, respectively the Dellbridge Islands and Ross Island and annexed it to the Archipelago.

Government and politicsEdit

All of Ross is controlled by the Count and the Countess and in each island a Viscounty is established and a Viscount/Viscountess is appointed.

List of countsEdit

  • D. Guilherme I, Count of Ross and Glaciem (6 Aug 2014 - 11 Sep 2014)
  • vacant

List of countessesEdit


The Lomellinian Ross Archipelago currently has 3 territories wich are:

Coat of Arms Name Annexed Governor Administrative division Residents
Isola Beaufort
6 August 2014
SAR Gabriel da Lomellina e Berenguer
Island / Territory
Isola Nera
6 August 2014
SAR Joseh Locio Viera
Island / Territory
Isola Bianca
6 August 2014
SAR Alexandre da Lomellina e Berenguer
Island / Territory

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