Timeline of Lomellina

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The Official Flag of the Principality of Lomellina

The following timeline covers the historical events of the Principality of Lomellina since it's secession to it's extinction.

2014[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

  • 26 Feb - D. Guilherme I inherits Castello di Valle from the Italian Republic.
  • 6 Aug - The Principality of Lomellina is officialy re-founded by the now prince of Lomellina D. Guilherme I following the claimed Ross Archipelago and the martian colony Scandia Colles.
  • 8 Aug - Lomellina gains membership in the Union for the Claims of Extra-Terrestrial Land after signing the Treaty of Planasia in wich recognises Scandia Colles as lomellinian territory. Also Lomellina enters as a full member in the European Community of Micronations.
  • 9 Aug - Lomellina recognises the Empire of Austenasia as the most influencial micronation in the micronational world.
  • 12 Aug - The principality joins the Micronational Monarchies Organization and the European Micronational Culture Organisation.
  • 13 Aug - Lomellina gains membership in the Organization of Micronations.
Front page of the Castello di Valle Treaty

Recognition Era[edit | edit source]

Improvement Era[edit | edit source]

Downfall and Overthrow[edit | edit source]

  • 20 Nov - The Lomellinian Aristocracy proposes a government change in wich the High Chanceller Richard Abreo-Louis has complete ruling power over the aristocracy members and thus the government would change from an absolute monarchy to a constituional one.
  • 21 Nov - Prince D. Guilherme I refuses and questions the aristocracy decision.
  • 26 Nov - Aristocracy members start an anti-absolutist campaign and the Lomellinian Revolt begins.
  • 1 Dec - D. Guilherme is dethrowned from ruling power and Richard Abreo-Louis is crowned Constitutional Prince of Lomellina.
  • 2 Dec - D. Guilherme takes political exile in the Autonomous Kingdom of the Savage Islands.
  • 4 Dec - Lomellina officialy ends and the State of Lomellina is formed in Castello di Valle.

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