2015 Ruthenian coup d'état attempt

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
October coup d'état attempt

Ruthenian government propaganda, exalting the legitimate government. By André Vieira.
Date 21-22 October 2015.
Location Persenburg, Kingdom of Ruthenia.
  • Failure of coup
  • Victory of the Legitimist forces over usurpers
  • End of the claims of Nailimiskam Okbob
Kingdom of Ruthenia
Duchy of Libertia
Kingdom of Ahania
Oscar, King of Ruthenia
Guilherme, Duke of Libertia
Nailimiskam Lisavovich Okbob
3 2
Injuries and losses
0 0

The 2015 Ruthenian coup d'état attempt, also known as the "October coup d'état attempt" was an unsuccessful coup d'etat in Ruthenia. On October 21-22, 2015, an alleged Ukrainian micronationalist attempted to overthrow the government of King Oscar of Ruthenia, claiming to be the rightful King of Ruthenia.

The Ruthenian Secret Service discovered the initiative of the King of Ahania and immediately the Armed Forces and the Department of Media and Information began counter coup, publicizing not only the attempt to destabilize the Ruthenian government, but also to usurp the throne, creating confusion about the legitimacy of the real project.

History[edit | edit source]

The coup[edit | edit source]

On 22 October 2015, Nailimiskam Lisavovich Okbob, an alleged Ukrainian micronationalist, announced that it had established in 2007 its own "Kingdom of Ruthenia"[1]. However, they were never presented evidence that foundation and the usurper was aware of the original Ruthenia, including the fact that he was a member of the M.A.G.N.A. Group, a Facebook group dedicated to convivial Ruthenians and friends of the micronation.

Ignoring the arguments of the Government of His Majesty, Okbob made maximum publicity possible, trying to promote his micronation as legitimate and as part of Ahaanian Union, a micronation founded earlier by the usurper. As a result, the Ruthenian government, through the Department of Information, launched a massive advertising campaign, highlighting the originality of the project and making it clear, through the slogan "The one and only Kingdom of Ruthenia, that there would only be space for one Ruthenia[2].

Treated as attempted coup by the legitimate Government of Ruthenia, the usurper was supported only by Cesidio Tallini, who tried to force a "peace agreement" where both micronations coexisted[3]. Oscar I of Ruthenia objected strictly condone what he declared to be a "fraud". The Legitimate Ruthenia was supported by the Republic of Lostisland, the Empire of Pavlov, the Principality of Aigues-Mortes, the Kingdom of Gastón, the Consulat of Surland, the Empire of Lemuria, the Kingdom of Ruritania and the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

It is regarded as the end of the incident the "abdication" presented by the usurper to the throne of Ruthenia[4]. Reestablishment of diplomatic relations attempts have been tried by Ahania until mid 2016, without response from the Ruthenian government, which included Ahania in micronations list with which Ruthenia had diplomatic incidents[5] immediately after the end of the coup.

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