2016 Micronational Summit, São Paulo

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Micronational Summit of São Paulo
Encontro Micronacional de São Paulo
Host countrylink={{{2}}} Brazil
Date25 June 2016
Venue(s)Pinacotheca of the State of São Paulo
Holy Empire of Reunion
Holy Kingdom of Pampas

The 2016 Micronational Summit of São Paulo was the first annual summit of heads of states and governments of the Lusophone Sector of micronationalism. It took place in São Paulo, Brazil. This summit intended to be the first in a series of annual meetings to promote the practice of micronationalism and bring together the leaders of the already established micronations.

Pinacotheca of the State of São Paulo, place where the summit took place.

A meeting was planned to take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but this did not occur. The São Paulo meeting, on the other hand, should bring together the leaders of Karnia-Ruthenia, Padme, Holy Empire of Reunion and the Holy Kingdom of Pampas. However, due to scheduling issues, only the leaders of Karnia-Ruthenia and the Holy Kingdom of Pampas attended the meeting.

Even with the absence of the other two representatives, Karnia-Ruthenia and the Holy Kingdom of Pampas signed the Treaty of Lichtenberg, a document created to strengthen the friendship between Lusophone micronationalists and to establish as a common conduct to signatories the use of cordiality and diplomacy to resolve disputes and promote micronationalism in the Lusophone sector, especially in Brazil.

There have been conversations for holding a second meeting in the first half of 2017, but these were not confirmed until December 2016. The following summit takes place on 04 February 2018, at São Paulo.

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