Acidalia Planitia

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Acidalia Planitia
Colony of Lomellinian Galactic Empire

Official Flag

Coat of Arms

Acidalia Planitia area in green.
Official language(s)Italian, Portuguese
Official religion(s)Deism
DemonymAcidalian or Planitian
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- Dukevacant
- Duchessvacant
Established21 August 2014 (Foundation)
Area claimed150 km (diameter)
CurrencyEuro (€) (de jure)
n/a (de facto)

Acidalia Planitia, officialy Duchy of Acidalia Planitia but sometimes referred as Acidalia, is a Lomellinian colony and part of the Lomellinian Galactic Empire, located in planet Mars. It is located between the Tharsis volcanic province and Arabia Terra to the north of Valles Marineris, centered at 46.7°N 338.0°E. It was claimed by Lomellina in 21 August 2014 and a Treaty of Planasia for the recognition of Union for the Claims of Extra-Terrestrial Land (UCETL) was arranged.

The plain contains the famous Cydonia region at the contact with the heavily cratered highland terrain.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The plain is named after a corresponding albedo feature on a map by Giovanni Schiaparelli, which was in turn named after the mythological fountain of Acidalia.

History[edit | edit source]

Lomellinian plan for an underground human colony in Acidalia Planitia.

Pre-Colonial[edit | edit source]

According to Lomellinian belief, Acidalia Planitia like Scandia Colles, was inhabited by an extraterrestrial civilization many millenia ago. This civilization is known by the Lomellinian as Tharsis Civilization or simply Tharsis, who made huge magestic pyramids wich are identified nowadays as prof of extraterrestrial life. After their "supposed extinction", Acidalia Planitia remained unclaimed by any terrestrial nation or micronation.

Lomellinian claim[edit | edit source]

Unclaimed by any nation or organization, Lomellina claimed the 150 km area and annexed it to their territories in 21 August 2014. The before signed Treaty of Planasia for Scandia Colles in 8 August 2014 is currently being arranged for Acidalia's recognition by the Union for the Claims of Extra-Terrestrial Land. Ruled as the political institution of a Duchy like Scandia Colles, being the Duke, D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer and the Duchess, D. Tânya Correa D'Ornellas, they plan to create a human colony by 2022 as a contribution to Mars One Space Program in which D. Tânya is linked.

Galactic Empire[edit | edit source]

With the control over the martian colonies, the princess then with the consent of the prince, formed the Lomellinian Galactic Empire a branch of the Principality of Lomellina wich administrated only the extraterrestrial territories since D. Tânya's ambitions were to colonize other planets as well. Followed by it's formation the princess appoints herself as Empress of LGE and puts her spouse as Regent since LGE is still a part of Lomellina's control.

Government and politics[edit | edit source]

The Duchy of Acidalia Planitia is ruled by a Duke or a Duchess that are obligated to follow the laws and the traditions of the Grand Duchy of Mars wich is controled over the Lomellinian Galactic Empire.

List of Dukes[edit | edit source]

  • D. Guilherme I, Duke of Scandia Colles and Acidalia Planitia. (20 Aug 2014 - 6 Sep 2014)
  • vacant

List of Duchesses[edit | edit source]

  • D. Tânya D'Ornellas, Duchess of Scandia Colles and Acidalia Planitia. (20 Aug 2014 - 6 Sep 2014)
  • vacant

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