Aide-de-camp to the Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia

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An aide-de-camp, expression meaning literally helper in the [military] camp in French, is a personal assistant to a person of high rank, usually a senior military or government officer, or in the case of Karnia-Ruthenia, to the to Emperor-King.

In Karnia-Ruthenia, the aide-de-camp to the Emperor is a special military official whose primary duties are to report military affairs to the Emperor-King and act as a close attendant, similar to a chamberlain. Aides-de-camp to the Emperor are entitled to perform attendant duties and relay to the Emperor-King military matters and orders, be present at military reviews on his behalf and accompanying His Imperial Majesty to formal ceremonies and interviews. An aide-de-camp may participate at ceremonial functions, and the first aide-de-camp is typically the foremost personal aide. This is not to be confused with an adjutant, who is the senior administrator of a military unit. In some countries like Karnia-Ruthenia, aide-de-camp is considered to be a title of honour.

In Karnia-Ruthenia, the honorary title of aide-de-camp to the Emperor-King can be granted by the Emperor himself for services rendered. They can also provide general assistance to the Emperor, being one of the people who are closest to the sovereign.

List of Aide-de-camps of Karnia-Ruthenia[edit | edit source]

  1. Michael, Grand Duke of Nordinsel - 19 November 2015
  2. Filipe, Prince AlFradiq - 19 November 2015
  3. Guilherme, Duke of Libertia - 19 November 2015
  4. Weslley, Duke of Agram - 19 November 2015 - 18 August 2021
  5. His Grace, Lucas Marco d'Aviano Tomé, Duke of Albuquerque - 01 August 2021
  6. His Majesty, Thomas, King of Quinta Velha - 01 August 2021
  7. His Majesty, Bruno, King of the Hanseatics - 01 August 2021
  8. His Majesty, Rafael, King of Luna - 01 August 2021
  9. His Majesty, Arthur II, King of Ebenthal - 01 August 2021
  10. His Serene Highness, João, Prince of Noronha - 01 August 2021
  11. His Majesty, Guilherme Ítalo, King of Taslavia - 01 August 2021
  12. His Royal Highness, Caio, Duke of Daugavia - 01 August 2021
  13. His Imperial and Royal Highness, Ari, Archduke of Karnia-Ruthenia - 24 December 2021
  14. His Illustrious Highness, Yuri, Margrave Leuchtfeuer - 24 December 2021
  15. His Majesty, Shiro, Sovereign of Zenrax - 25 December 2022

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