Amanda McCollum

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
The Right Honourable,
Amanda McCollum
2nd Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation
Assumed office
23 April 2016
Monarch William I
Prime Minister Joseph Marx
Predecessor Kasey Honings
Chair of the North American Liberal Party
Assumed office
23 April 2016
Predecessor Party Established
Personal information
Born 3 May 1996 (1996-05-03) (age 27)
Dayton, United States Flag of the United States.png
Citizenship North American Confederation
Nationality North American
Ethnicity Irish American
Political party North American Liberal Party
Domestic partner Joseph Marx
Residence Greenedge, Greene
Occupation Educator, Political activist
Cabinet Marx Cabinet
Religion Agnostic

Amanda McCollum, (born 3 May 1996) is a North America politician and political activist and is currently the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation. A citizen of the Commonwealth of Greene, Amanda McCollum is the current chair of the North American Liberal Party and represents the left-wing of the North American government.

Family and early life[edit | edit source]

Born on 03 May 1996 in Dayton, Ohio, Amanda McCollum is the daughter of Robert and Suzy McCollum. Her parents divorced when she was young and in 2005, her father remarried to Rachel McCollum. Amanda spent much of this time moving from one household to another, until deciding to live full time with her mother in 2010. A life-long resident of the area, she graduated from Fairmont High School in 2014 before returning to her father's household to attend Wright State University, where she joined the North American Confederation.

Political Activism[edit | edit source]

From the start of her citizenship, Amanda distinguished herself for her ardent defense of liberal and left-wing ideologies, especially in the realm of Intersectional feminism and gender politics. She began the process of establishing a Left-wing party in early 2016, just before her appointment to the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

Deputy Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

On 23 April 2016, Amanda was appointed by Prime Minister Marx to replace former Deputy Kasey Honings, whose inactivity had begun to affect the day-to-day running of the Marx government. Amanda was selected due to her passionate political activism and desire to engage in intermicronational politics.

Whilst still maintaining much of her political activism, Amanda has spent her tenure educating herself about the micronational community and assisting the Prime Minister in his efforts to conclude the provisional government.

Policies and views[edit | edit source]

Gender politics[edit | edit source]

Amanda believes that society has a long way to go before reaching true gender equality, which she holds as a fundamental goal of modern civilization. She believes progress can be achieved through education and personal reform, rather than governmental oversight, and has worked to develop such system not only in the micronational, but also macronational, community. Amanda believes that the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community represent a critical block towards achieving an honest and fair democracy and has worked tirelessly to promote the advancement of rights for non-normative persons. She sees the United States Supreme Court's decision on Obergefell v. Hodges as a wonderful step in the long road to equality for the United States and a supreme example for all micronations.

Penal Reform and Drugs[edit | edit source]

Amanda believes that the goal of imprisonment is to reform criminal behavior instead of punish it when possible, and so has worked to promote the ideals of a rehabilitation focused prison system as the best alternative for a safer community. She is against the War on Drugs, believing that drugs such as Marijuana to be relatively harmless when taken for personal use. She accuses the War of disproportionally targeting those citizens most in need of help and correlates much of the actions of the anti-Drug fervor with the United States' expansive prison system. She promotes a system focused on treating addiction as a medical issue rather than a criminal one.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

When not focusing on school or micronational work, Amanda is a writer and activist in many sex-positive groups. She is polyamorous and is currently in a relationship with Joseph Marx and two non-micronational individuals. She continues to attend Wright State University, where she works as a writing coach and educator and currently resides in the Village of Greenedge, the southern most township of the Commonwealth of Greene.

Religious views[edit | edit source]

Amanda grew up in a secular household and identifies as agnostic, rejecting most definitions of a higher power while accepting the possibility of one.

Titles and styles[edit | edit source]

Honors[edit | edit source]

Political offices
Preceded by
Kasey Honings
Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation
23 April 2016 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office created
Chair of the North American Liberal Party
23 April 2016 - present
Succeeded by