Ameroslavian Monarchy

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King of Ameroslavia
Rei da Ameroslávia
Ameroslavia - King's Coat of Arms.png
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchLenart I
Last monarchAri I

The King of Ameroslavia was a hereditary royal title and position proclaimed in 2021 by Lenart I, and after the vacancy of the throne and abandon of the claim, restored by Oscar I on behalf of Archduke Ari of Karnia, his father and obviously, also a member of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha. The kings retained the title of Archduke of Karnia after their ascension to the Throne. The wives of the kings bored the title of queen, while other members of the family the title prince or princesses of Ameroslavia until the establishment of the Pannonian Monarchy.

Background[edit | edit source]

Emperor Oscar I accepted the crown of Ameroslavia on behalf of his father, Archduke Ari of Karnia, who was also King of Ruthenia for one day in 2014. Then he became the third monarch in power of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha.

The title of "King of Ameroslavia" was created by Ari's predecessor, Lenart of Ameroslavia, meaning he would rule over the Americans with Slavic ancestry. When Archduke Ari ascended to the throne, he assumed for himself and for his successors the title of King of Ameroslavia, without relinquinsh his titles as a dynast of the Karno-Ruthenian ruling family.

The change of dynasty was accepted by Lenart of Ameroslavia a week after the accession of Ari I. However, few days later, Rivalian and Karno-Ruthenian governments reached an agreement ofver Ameroslavia: its founder would reclaim its government and establish a republic, while Ari I would lead a new monarchy, Pannonia.

Constitutional powers[edit | edit source]

Ameroslavia was an absolute monarchy, with all Executive power belonging to the monarch, who exercised his power alone or through appointed ministers if he deemed necessary to advise him and the reunion of this ministers, and when happened, composed the legislative branch, the National Council.

List of monarchs[edit | edit source]

No. Name Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
House Title
I Lenart I
Ameroslavia - Lenart - CoA.png
01 October
03 November
Laurentian era
1 month and 2 days
House of Ameroslavia King of Ameroslavia
Founder and first King of Ameroslavia. Abandoned the claims to the Throne and became the President of the People's Republic of Rivala.
II Ari I
Ameroslavia - King Ari's Coat of Arms.png
22 July
13 August
Ruthenian era
23 days
House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha King of Ameroslavia
Second and last King of Ameroslavia. Third current monarch of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha and coronated by his son, Oscar I, Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia. The first king after a period of 261 days and only for 23 days, when the monarchy was reorganized into the Pannonian Monarchy and Ari I assumed the new title.

Line of Succession to the Throne[edit | edit source]

  • Simple silver crown.svgArchduke Anton of KarniaDECEASED, married Archduchess Judith of KarniaDECEASED
    • Archduke Francis of KarniaRENOUNCED, DECEASED, married Ms. Campos.
      • Tatiana of KarniaEXCLUDED, married Mr. Falcão.
        • Maria Fernanda FalcãoEXCLUDED
        • Maria Luisa' FalcãoEXCLUDED
      • Caroline of KarniaEXCLUDED, married Mr. Sobral.
        • Enzo SobralEXCLUDED
        • Valentina SobralEXCLUDED
        • Gustavo SolbralEXCLUDED
      • Camila of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduke Luitpold of KarniaRENOUNCED
      • Walburga of KarniaEXCLUDED, married Mr. Polisei.
        • Henrique PoliseiEXCLUDED
      • Olivier of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Johann Victor of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduchess ZeliaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Tavares
      • Aurelius TavaresEXCLUDED
      • Mark TavaresEXCLUDED
      • Valdemar TavaresEXCLUDED
    • Archduke GeorgeRENOUNCED, married Ms. Lopes.
      • Jacqueline of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Gabriel of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduke Pedro of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Archduchess Anna of Karnia
      • Archduke Alexander of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Archduke Danilo of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduchess Celia of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Thomaz-Rocha
      • Archduke Maurice of KarniaADOPTED
    • Archduke Anton Joseph of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Ms. Oliveira
      • Bruna of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Andressa of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Gustavo of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Simple gold crown.svg King Ari of Ameroslavia, married Queen Denise of Ameroslavia
    • Archduke August of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Ms. Silva
      • Joseph of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Jessica of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Esther of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • (3) Archduke Otto of Karnia
    • (4) Archduke Helio of Karnia, married Archduchess Mary of Karnia
    • Archduchess OpheliaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Muñoz
      • Beatriz MuñozEXCLUDED
      • Bianca MuñozEXCLUDED
      • Rudolf MuñozEXCLUDED
      • Juan MuñozEXCLUDED
    • Archduchess Adelia of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Silva

Arms and standards[edit | edit source]

Designed by the Lenart of Ameroslavia and adapted by the Imperial and Royal Academy of Heraldry, the use of the arms and standards was regulated by law.

Titles of the King[edit | edit source]

The King had an extensive list of titles and claims that reflected the importance of his dynasty, but in Ameroslavia, his style was very simple.

His Royal Majesty, NN, by the grace of God, King of Ameroslavia.

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