Amy Brizendine

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
The Honorable
Amy Brizendine
1st Chief Justicar of Lavrasia
Assumed office
June 11, 2015
Governor Jordan Brizendine
Deputy Casey Pemberton
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Incumbent
1st Minister of Commerce of the Grand Republic of Delvera
In office
May 29, 2013 - April 10, 2016
First Consul Jordan Brizendine
Vice Consul Casey Pemberton
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Dylan Callahan
Personal information
Born September 1968
Jefferson City, Missouri
Birth name Amy Gump
Citizenship Grand Republic of Delvera
Nationality United States
Political party Nonpartisan
Residence Lavrada, Lavrasia, Delvera
Religion Christian
Military service
Allegiance Grand Republic of Delvera
Province of Lavrasia
Service/branch Grand Republican Army (24 March 2012 - )
In service 2012 - present
Rank Colonel

Amy Brizendine, formerly known as Roseanna Cilley, is a Lavrasian-Delveran politician and military officer. As the mother of Jordan Brizendine, she has been witness to his involvement in micronationalism from the beginning, though has rarely taken an active role herself. Despite this, she has been vital in various roles, such as financing the Delveran Armed Services and preserving order in Lavrada.

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