Autumn Revolution

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Autumn Revolution
Date 19 November - 15 December 2015
(26 days)
Location Pressenberg, Acrin.
Result Ruthenian victory
Kingdom of Ruthenia Kingdom of Acrin
Oscar, King of Ruthenia Eitan, King of Acrin
1 1
Injuries and losses
0 0

The Autumn Revolution was a political revolution in Acrin, which resulted in the collapse of the independent government of King Eitan and made possible the union of Acrin with the Kingdom of Ruthenia, based on blatant Acrinian inactivity and the rights of the King of Ruthenia guaranteed by the King of Acrin earlier that year.

Background[edit | edit source]

Flag of Acrin before the Revolution.

During the first four months of existence, the King and his government were devoted to foreign relations, the formulation of their national symbols, which suffered greatly Ruthenian influence and attempts to attract investment and establish connections with other micronations, misguided attitudes that made the inexperienced government of the time lose much of their enthusiasm and credibility.

Over the next eight months, no activity was observed. The Ruthenian Government, the greatest ally of Acrin at the time, tried numerous times to contact, either in order to get news or in order to propose a union of crowns led by Ruthenia. In November 2015, when Acrin and Ruthenia would complete one year of existence, King Eitan was appointed to the Order of the Foundation of the Kingdom of Ruthenia. Before the failed attempt to contact the King of his award, the Ruthenian government began formulating a audacious plan.

Ultimatum[edit | edit source]

On 19 November 2015, the Ruthenian government issued an ultimatum: either Acrin answer their messages within one month counting of that date, or the King of the Ruthenians, as Aristocratic Chieftain of the Clan of Acrin, would claim the throne for himself. Although this version of events be announced by the Ruthenian government, the first contact attempt occurred through Forum, nine days before the e-mail was sent to King Eitan and the government of Acrin[1].

There was no answer. In the words of King Eitan himself when he made the King of the Ruthenians the Aristocratic Cheftain of the Clans of Acrin, he explained that "You lead all the families as one aristocrat". Based on this interpretation, Oscar of Ruthenia not only was the last active Acrinian noble, as was also responsible for leading the nobility of Acrin. Thus, with the government abandoned, it would be an obligation of Ruthenians to protect the micronation.

Revolution[edit | edit source]

Through a special decree of 15 December 2015[2], Oscar of Ruthenia dethroned King Eitan, granting to him, however, the title of Prince Szteinbaum[3]. In the same act, he removed the entire autonomy of Acrin, making the kingdom a little more than a Ruthenian province. Other executive acts were issued by the new king, who ordered new flag, new coat of arms, new capital and advertising his rise, which was greeted with enthusiasm in Ruthenia.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

By becoming part of a larger kingdom, Acrin acquired more visibility, even though it cost their entire independence. Ruthenia, in turn, was little benefited, since the so-called "Autumn Revolution" only increased their territories and announced the start of its most aggressive and imperialist actions. The change of government has been widely reported, but the reception rendered few responses, most of these positive and exalting the purview of the Kingdom of Ruthenia to the condition of "empire", something denied by the government.

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