Battle of Chicago

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Battle of Chicago
Part of the Southern Front of New European Civil War
"Battle of Chicago", AI Painting, 2023.
Date: 01 December 2009
Place: Chicago, New Europe
Result: Decisive Loyalist Victory; fall of the New European Social Republic.
 Loyalist Army

Fascist Army

Emperor Wilhelm I
Queen Catherine I
Reich Führer Johannus von Ikner (made prisioner of war)
General Vaughn Bullock (surrendered)
 Loyalist: 27
Fascist: 25
18 wounded 22 wounded

The Battle of Chicago was the final major offensive of the Southern Front in the New European Civil War.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

By 29 November 2009, Loyalist forces had managed to secure the return of the New European emperor from exile in Aruba and had successfully launched an offensive that resulted in victory on the Eastern Front and put the capital within reach of the Loyalist Army. The objective was simple, secure the city center and capture Johannus von Ikner.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

On the eve of December 1, Wilhelm ordered all Loyalist troops to take position around the city and at 10:51 a.m. the army was ordered to begin storming the city. And by 11:05 a.m. they engaged the Fascist Army at the Chicago Palace.

The battle itself was fought like a trench battle, rather than an counter-insurgency. Both sides simply exchanging fire until finally after an hour of stalemate, Loyalist soldiers went over the top and attacked the Fascist trenches. Johannus von Ikner ordered a retreat to edge of Lake Michigan, from there he had reinforcements lead by General Vaughn Bullock ambush the loyalists. Many were hurt in the barrage of paint ball grenades the fascists fired, but the courageous Captain Alan Soltau, who was broken out of captivity when the city was first stormed, chased down the fleeing von Ikner and shot him repeatedly.

When news of his capture hit the front, General Bullock surrendered the city. And then Wilhelm and von Ikner had a similar talk to the one that was had on the 21 November, only positions reversed. Von Ikner resigned as Reich Führer and aknowledged the restored Imperial Government. The terms of surrender was signed by both leaders at 2:04 p.m. CST, and with it the civil war was over.

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