Battle of the Brook

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Battle of the Brook
part of the New European Civil War
"Battle of the Brook", AI Painting, 2023.
Date: 21 November - 28 November 2009
Place: Illinois, New Europe
Outcome: Fascist Victory
Loyalist Army

Fascist Army

Captain Alan Soltau
General Vaughn Bullock
Loyalist: 14
Fascist: 25
13 wounded 13 wounded
1 captured

The Battle of the Brook, divided in two moments during seven days in November 2009, and was the fourth battle of the New European Civil War and the last victory of the Social Republic of New Europe on the battlefield.

Scene from the Battle of the Brook.

After the Chicago Skirmish, Imperial Guard Captain Alan Soltau retreated to the primary residence of the immediate imperial family. There, he withstood numerous fascist troops for three days. But in the end, the fascist numbers overwhelmed his squad and he was captured by the fascists. With his capture also came the capture of the imperial heir, Hereditary Prince Jonathan. They had also hoped to capture Empress Catherine-Elizabeth, but she retreated to Ohio on 25 November.

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