Camurian War

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Camurian War
Date: 9 April 2009 - 1 July 2009
Place: Internet
Outcome: Truce of New Europe & Camuria signed on 03 May 2009 between New Europe and Camuria only, creation of the Triune Alliance, expansion of New Europe.

New Europe

New Scientopia

Republic of Petorio


Kaiser Wilhelm
General Field Marshal Matthew
Feild Marshal James Colaianni
War Minister Vaughn Bullock
Tsar Jacob
Suzerain Josh Lee
President Kalvin Koolidge
HoM Drake Splinter

King Ian II
Admiral Sir John O'Kane
Declan Heston, Minister of Defence
President Daniel Hill
President Alex Pate

New Europe: 78 troops, 5 UAV planes, 5 boats (1 in production)
New Scientopia: 2 troops, 1 UAV, Disruptor rockets, Aluminothermic Hand Grenades, LOIC software, Mass Mailer Software, DDOS'ing software.
Petorio: 4 troops, 1 boat

Camuria: 63 soldiers, 5 boats
Patetopia: 2 troops, 2 boats
- -

The Camurian War, alternatively known as the New Euro-Camurian War, is the name of an conflict that began on 09 April 2009 following an ultimatum issued to the Kingdom of Camuria by the Empire of New Europe two days earlier. A state of war was formally declared at 17:00 UTC when Camuria refused the ultimatum, in which New Europe demanded the immediate abdication of King Ian II and the annexation of Camurian territory into the Empire. The war comes following the period of micronational history known as Black March, during which a number of MicroWiki nations went to war with one another. This latest conflict is thought to represent a disturbing trend of militarism and mutual aggression within the community, with the exact justifications for the current conflict remaining undefined by either party.

Sequence of Events[edit | edit source]

Prelude to War[edit | edit source]

The exact causes of the Camurian War remain unclear to the general community. The beginning of the war follows a long period of diplomatic tension between the Kingdom of Camuria and the community surrounding Grand Unified Micronational. For some time prior to the conflict Camuria and New Europe had been allies and, when New Europe went to war with present-day New Scientopia during the New Euro-Scientopian War, the Kingdom of Camuria offered full diplomatic support for the Empire and for a time appeared to be ready to enter the conflict on the New European side. The end of the war was marked by a sudden positive boost in bilateral ties between the Empire and the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics, the latter of which is regarded as an enemy of Camuria, suggesting a possible motivation for the shift in New European foreign policy.

On 04 April 2009, the New European Parliament officially terminated all standing diplomatic treaties and obligations with the Kingdom of Camuria. Around the same time the Imperial Government announced it's intention to follow a more Imperialist foreign policy and make efforts to acquire foreign "colonies" (non-North American constituents of the Empire). Five days later the Imperial Chancellor of New Europe, on the order of the Emperor, addressed a written ultimatum to the Kingdom of Camuria demanding that King Ian II abdicate and allow Camuria, North Altania and South Altania (the last two the Chancellor termed "puppet states"). The Chancellor informed the King that "in exchange for your abdication, you to remain head of Camuria as Governor of the New European Camurian Colony. You will be allowed executive office privileges within your designated boundries and a militia force to protect yourself. North and South Altania will be divided between New European allies." Camuria was given 72 hours to respond, or face war with New Europe.

War Begins[edit | edit source]

At 17:00 UTC, King Ian II of Camuria unilaterally rejected the ultimatum and subsequently a state of war was declared between the two nations in accordance with the ultimatum. Later that same day New Europe confirmed that it was officially at war with Camuria and began the process of mobilising it's armed forces for conflict and preparing for a "cyber attack" against Camuria. The Camurian government denounced the declaration of war publicly, and standing treaty obligations meant that the Kingdom of South Altania automatically became a belligerent in the conflict. Late April 9/April 10 UTC, President Kalvin Koolidge of the Republic of Petorio terminated the Camurian-Petorian alliance officially and called upon the Parliament of Petorio to vote on a bill that would result in Petorio entering the war on New Europe's side. A bill was proposed to the Supreme General Assembly of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics for the USMR to enter the war - unfortunately for Robert Lethler and his supporters, the bill secured 4 votes for, 4 votes against and 1 neutral. As such, Assembly policies dictate that the status quo must prevail, and the USMR may only attempt to declare war again if the situation changes drastically or after 28 days.

New Scientopia officially joined the conflict at 11:12 UTC, Friday 10 April. Between them, Petorio and New Europe have a number of allies who they may choose to call on if they enter the conflict. The Camurian War has the potential to escelate into a transcontinental micronational conflict that could be waged on both the ground and in cyber space.

Influence of the belligerents[edit | edit source]

Altania had briefly withdrawn from the war as per an agreement made with New Scienopia. They were also granted provisional membership to the Grand Unified Micronational. This agreement lasted two days and then Altania proke its word and re-entered the war. At the same time the anti-Camurian side grows in numbers. And more and more New Europe is trying to creat an official allince system in the Micro Wiki community. So far only New Scientopia have expressed interest in such a system.

New Euro-Camurian Truce[edit | edit source]

After a ceasfire was agreed upon on 1 may 2009, Emperor Wilhelm I of New Europe and King Ian II of Camuria signed a Truce on 3 May. The Empire of New Europe and the Kingdom of Camuria are now officially at peace, but the Republic of Petorio and New Scientopia have shown now signs to making peace with Camuria or her allies. However the war is nearing its close do to Petorian domestic disputes towards Petorian involvement. New Scientopia may simply pull out to focus resources else where.

New Scientopian Withdrawl and Apology[edit | edit source]

The end of the war occured at 22:00 UTC, with New Scientopian offering a surrender, and giving this official apology; "New Scientopia would like to officially apologise for its part in the Camurian war, and now, at its end, would like to express a sincere contrition at the events that occured. To all camurian leaders and citizens, we offer our humblest apologies"

Intermicronational response[edit | edit source]

A number of third parties, most of which have no vested interests in the conflict if one party triumphs over the other, have called on both sides to declare a truce and meet for peace talks. Particularly:

  • Cheslovian Federation: Urosh Dushanov, President of Cheslovia, and Boris Groznayev, Prime Minister of the federation, criticized the Empire of New Europe for Imperialism. The Federation stated that the war was just an attempt of New Europe to expand the claims of the Empire. It later called for a truce.
  • Reylan Imperial Triumvirate: Taeglan I Nihilus, leader of the Triumvirate, in a meeting with the Council of Three, joined Cheslovia with the demand of a truce between Camuria and New Europe.
  • Kingdom of Praugsia: Saddened by another micronational conflict, the leader of Praugsia, Paul Compeaux, preferred not to take part in the Camurian War and asked, together with the Cheslovian Federation, and the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate, for peace.
  • Ohio Empire: The Emperor made it very clear that the Empire would take no position in the war and considered both leaders to be acting childish and immature.
  • Union of Socialist Micronational Republics: Maybe the most involved micronation after New Europe, the USMR has always seen Camuria as an enemy of the Union, and defended the Empire from Cheslovian declaration, saying that "he [the Emperor] is not the kind who advocates pointless military aggression in the name of Imperialism. If he did, New Europe would have all ready (sic) gone to war with nations closer to them". The USMR continued meeting with other nations with the intention to gain diplomatic support, successfully.
  • New Scientopia: Tsar Jacob of Scientopia accepted the Camurian War and stated he was "more than happy to sacrifice a white april, for a golden, Camuria-less future". Scientopia decided to fight together with New Europe and the Republic of Petorio.
  • Federal Republic of St. Charlie: Firstly declared neutrality towards the Camurian War, as it was for the idea to simply ignore Camuria. Later after a meeting with USMR delegates, the Reinhardt Administration, and partricularly Alexander Reinhardt, revoked the statement and published a new one in which St. Charlie was backing the anti-Camurian side, and was ready to give help in case of need.
  • Republic of Patetopia: Patetopia has stated that they will stand beside Camuria, but is open to a truce. President Pate said on May 5, "As far as the Patetopian Government is concerned, the war with New Europe and it's allies, is over."
  • Kingdom of Coleraine: Coleraine is worried by the recent militaristic nature of different members of the micronational community, and hopes that peace may be restored. Coleraine herself remains neutral throughout the war.

Legacy and Impact[edit | edit source]

New Europe[edit | edit source]

The war had impacted the expansion of the New European Empire. Though unable to claim territory in Europe, as was originally intended, the Empire's mainland territories did expand into the state of Virginia, and created a government in the state of California. However the New European Conservative Party has called for constitutional ammendements to grant more power to New european states. It also lead to the creation of the first official military alliance system in the MicroWiki Community. The alliance includes New Europe, Scientopia, and Federal Republic of St. Charlie.

Erusia[edit | edit source]

Although the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics has since collapsed due to (un-related) internal political issues, the Camurian War is considered a major ideological victory by it's surviving independent constituent, the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Although no side was ever declared the official victor, and although the war is still strictly ongoing, the Central People's Government considers the conflict to have been "a resounding victory against Camurian Imperialism" that had "marginalised Camuria in this community once and for all". The Democratic People's Republic has noted that it will remain active in it's diplomatic campaign against Camuria in the future.

On June 2009, an ongoing civil war broke out in Erusia between the ruling Erusian National Communist Party and the pro-democracy movement in it's Sacria Administrative District. The Kingdom of Camuria declared their full support for the democracy activists, a move which the Central People's Government condemned as "being hypocritical from a corrupt, decadent empire that acts more like a fascist dictatorship than a constitutional monarchy". Given the failure of any other nation to recognise and support the democratic side in the conflict, Camuria appears to be standing alone, and it is generally agreed that unless a peace deal can breached the ruling Communist faction will prove to be the inevitable victor over the much smaller democracy movement.

Breakdown of Diplomatic Support[edit | edit source]

The following is a breakdown of diplomatic support for the belligerents in the conflict on an official basis.

  • Pro-Camurian side
    • Kingdom of Camuria (belligerent)
    • Republic of Patetopia (belligerent)
    • United States of Altania (belligerent)

  • Neutral/Mediator/Anti-War side
    • Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
    • Kingdom of Praugsia
    • Ríocht na hUlaidh Thair Nhua
    • Sacred Republic of Plau Zuiru
    • Democratic Duchy of Francisville
    • Republic of Bokonton

  • Anti-Camurian side
    • Empire of New Europe (belligerent)
    • Republic of Petorio (belligerent)
    • New Scientopia (belligerent)
    • Cheslovian Federation
    • Socialist Republic of Murrayfield (as of 14 April)
    • Union of Socialist Micronational Republics
    • Federal Republic of St.Charlie

Wilhelm's Speech to the New European War officials[edit | edit source]

"Der Königreich Camuria ist ein Dorn im Garten dieser mikronationalen Gemeinschaft gewesen. Das Reich greift sie aus Aggression, nicht jedoch aus Hoffnung an. Lasst uns hoffen, dass wir die camurianischen Lügen und den falschen Eindruck mikronationaler Erhabenheit zerschlagen können. Ich glaube definitiv, dass dieser Krieg eine Verbesserung dieser Gemeinschaft hervorrufen wird."

"The Kingdom of Camuria has been a thorn in the garden of this micronational community. The Empire is not attacking them out of aggression, but out of hope. Hope that we can liberate the Camurian area from lies and false impressions of mironational superiority. And I absolutely believe, that this war can bring about a change for the better in this community."