Captain Regent

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Captain Regent
Nathan de Menezes

since 14 April 2017
StyleThe Right Honourable
Residencede jure Callista Palace
Term lengthNo term limits are imposed on the office
Inaugural holderThales Fernandes
Formation2 July 2015

The Captain Regent, is the nominal co-head of government of the Kingdom of Roschfallen and leader of the Cabinet, appointing and dismissing its members. The Captain Regent is named by the King and do not have a fixed mandate, leaving the office by resignation, dismiss by the Lord or motion of no confidence of the High Council.

Competences[edit | edit source]

The competences of the Captain Regent are: exercise the highest authority in matters concerning the Government, always alongside with the King, head the Cabinet, appointing and dismissing it's members, upon the consent of the Prince, advise and follow orders of the monarch, which is the other co-Head of Government, create and regulate agencies, propose bills to the High Council, monthly take part in the same in ordinary session, to answer the questions to the monarch, the parliament and the justice.

List of Heads of Government[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Office Party Sovereign
I Thales Fernandes 2 July
26 August
Liberal Party Arthur I
The first Captain Regent and previously Active Co-Head of Government as Regent
II Bernardo, Duke of Ouroboro 27 August
17 April
Liberal Party Arthur I
First and only foreigner to take a government office
III Nathan de Menezes 17 April
11 March
Progressist Party Arthur I
The first non-liberal politician to take the office
IV Vladmir Couto 11 March
present Progressist Party Arthur I

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