Chancellor of Nossia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
High-Chancellor of the Principality
Alto-Cianseler del Prinsipato

Flag of the High-Chancellor

since 22 May 2017
Abolished on 22 January 2023[1]
Restored on 07 July 2023 [2].
StyleThe Most Excellent
AppointerCarlo I
Term lengthAt His Serene Highness' Pleasure
Inaugural holderEllington Machado
Formation19 November 2015
Abolished23 January 2023. Later restored.

The High Chancellor of the Principality was the official in charge of executive power in the Principality of Nossia. The position, analogous to that of a Prime-Minister, was created on January 2017. Two people held the position during the period of its existence. It was vacant for a total of little more than two years. It was abolished on 23 January 2023 by Carlo I through a Princely Decree[3]. Its successor is the Speaker of Parliament.

The position was later restored through another Princely Decree, by petition from Nossian Nationalist Party MPs.[4].

List of Office-holders[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Office Party Sovereign Time of office
1 Ellington Machado 10 August
As Sovereign High Chancellor of the Principality
27 January
Non-partisan Prince Carlo I 171 days
First High Chancellor. Resigned due to unwillingness to keep-up with the government routine, duties and protocol.
2 Hian Martins 30 January
22 May
Nossian Nationalist Party Prince Carlo I 113 days
Second High Chancellor. Resigned due to personal issues.
# Vacant 22 May
Position Abolished. Later restored by Princely Decree 005/23. Prince Carlo I 680 days
Vacant since Martin's resignation. Position later abolished through a Princely Decree. Then restored.

References and notes[edit | edit source]