Charles, Duke of Victoria

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
His Highness
Duke Charles of Victoria
Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg
Assumed office
December 20th, 2015 - February 17th, 2016
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Greg Steffens
Personal information
Born September 11th, 1947
Raeford, North Carolina
Birth name Charles Elmore Newton
Citizenship Grand Duchy of Letzembourg
Nationality United States, United Kingdom
Political party Nonpartisan
Residence Duchy of Victoria, Letzembourg

HH, Duke Charles of Victoria is a former Letzembourgish politician and military leader. He is the grandfather of Grand Duke Christian of Letzembourg, and leader of the Duchy of Victoria.

Career[edit | edit source]

Politics[edit | edit source]

Duke Charles had never been involved in micronationalism, until late 2015, when he was approached by Grand Duke Christian, and was asked to help establish the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg. Without knowing much about micronationalism, he accepted, although, he remained quite inactive until Letzembourg was officially established. After Letzembourg was officially established, he was asked by Grand Duke Christian to serve as Letzembourg's first Prime Minister. He was appointed that same day by Grand Duke Christian, and was also given authority of the Duchy of Victoria, the capital of Letzembourg, and has since been known as Charles, Duke of Victoria.

In February of 2016, Duke Charles resigned all of his positions within the Letzembourgish government, due to health issues. He pledged to remain a loyal citizen, even after his resignation.

Heritage[edit | edit source]

Ethnically, Charles is English, and German, though his English ancestries are predominant. He is a dual-citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom (England), having an English mother, and an American father. He was born in the United States, but made very frequent trips to the United Kingdom as a child. He is a descendant of the German Royal Family (supposedly), and his lineage may trace back to Sir Isaac Newton's brother, Benjamin Smith.