Coat of arms of Lifréia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Coat of arms of Lifreia
ArmigerIvan VII of Lifréia
Adopted08 Many 2015
CrestThe imperial crown
EscutcheonArgent, Quarterly, I and IV Gules a double-headed eagle Sable, II and III Azure, an Orthodox cross Or, inescutcheon: Azure, a griffin Or winged Sable, beaked and armed Gules.
SupportersAn double-headed Eagle Sable, beaked, armed and tongued proper,

The Imperial coat of arms of Lifréia (Portuguese: Brasão de armas Imperial de Lifréia) is an French-type shield composed by a pattern of gray (Argent), divided into five other shields, two red (Gules) with a black (Sable) double-headed eagle, two Blue (Azure) with a gold (Or) orthodox cross; the inner escutcheon is blue with a gold griffin, beaked and armed red with black wings, placed on top of an imperially-crowned double-headed eagle, beaked and armed in its proper colours.

The coat of arms design was submitted by Karno-Ruthenian heraldic authorities to a special committee convened by Ivan VII, inspired by the heraldic colours of his branch of the House of Lamburg and the symbols of the Russian Empire. The initial project was sketched and approved by the State Council on 10 May 2018, being adopted the same day.

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