Commu-Socialist Party of North America

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Commu-Socialist Party of North America
LeaderAaron Meek Executive Commissioner
Founded28 November 2010
Dissolved28 April 2011
Preceded byEniarkian Worker's Party
IdeologyCommunism, Marxist-Leninism

The Commu-Socialist Party of North America (Ukrainian: Commu-sotsialistychna partiya Pivnichniy╠ć Amerytsi), CSPPA (CSPNA), was a political party in the North American Confederation. The party's Executive Commissioner was Aaron Meek. It was known as the Eniarkian Worker's Party until 28 November 2010, when Eniarku was united with Empire of New Europe and the Ohio Empire into the North American Confederation. The party formally dissolved following the abdication of Prime Minister Meek preceding the Interregnum.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the formation of the North American Confederation in November 2010, the party was the ruling party of the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku as the Eniarkian Worker's Party. It was then suggested by the current Executive Commissioner, Aaron Meek, that it be formed to represent the Commu-Socialist faction of the North American government.

It was expected, and was stated by Mr. Meek, that the party would run for offices in the elections for the 1st North American Congress.

During the Micras crisis, the party (along with the Conservative's and the Libertine's) dissolved, which assisted in the slow process that was the Interregnum.

Government Policies[edit | edit source]

The party, in contrast to the Conservative Party, pushed for a more centralized federal government. The party and its members also believed that the monarch of a nation should have had limited power.The party certainly opposed unilateral decisions from the monarch.

The party stood firm on its beliefs just as it did when a part of Eniarku. It followed the ideologies of Karl Marx, Marxism-Leninism, and the broad Commu-Socialist spectrum. However, the Executive Commissioner had explicitly stated his opposition to fascist and far-leftism, and his support of democracy and unity. However, the party followed strict policies and supported a strong legal code.

While the party was officially on the left wing of the political spectrum, it was very open to others' ideas and is very liberal and democratic in most of its decisions.

Timeline of CSPNA Executive Commissioners[edit | edit source]

The only Executive Commissioner of the CSPNA thus far was Aaron Meek, who was also the Executive Commissioner of the Eniarkian Worker's Party, as well as the Supreme Executive Commissioner of Eniarku.

Name Term start Term end Remarks
Aaron Meek 28 November 2010 28 April 2011 Formerly Executive Commissioner of the Eniarkian Worker's Party until 28 November 2010 when unification abolished all state political parties.

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