Congress of St. Louis

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Congress of St. Louis
Conference flag until 23 August.
Host countryFlagofdelvera.jpg Grand Republic of Delvera
Date04 - 25 August 2018.
Kingdom of Fristehen
Grand Republic of Delvera
DeWaCo Estates
WebsiteOfficial page.
Key points
Promotion of rules of conduct relating to conflict resolution and intermicronational economic standards.

The Congress of St. Louis, hosted by the Grand Republic of Delvera, is the event following the success of the Congress of Colo, which was held in frequent, scheduled sessions from 04 to 25 August 2018. The Congress was be held via Internet remotely, to overcome obstacles of time and distance.

The purpose of the event was to promote rules of conduct relating to conflict resolution and to promote intermicronational economic standards, which would be codified at the Congress, yet enforced by respective nations separately. The Congress wasn't to be a permanent organization, but rather an event.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the previous year, the Grand Republic of Delvera hosted the Congress of Colo in a series of scheduled meetings between Delvera, the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, and the North American Confederation. The purpose of the Congress of Colo was to discuss and determine diplomatic protocols and bases of micronational government. Out of these meetings came the much lauded 2017 Convention on Intermicronational Order[1].

The Consul Dylan J. Callahan of Delvera announced in the same opportunity that the Congress of St. Louis had its chosen name with the advice and in honor of the North American Confederation, which recently applied to integrate into the Grand Republic, as St. Louis is a city which stood in their former, intermicronational border[2].

According to announcements made on the Congress of St. Louis Facebook page, preliminary talks were in progress on late July to determine the venue, format, and agenda of the congress[3].

Negotiated during the Congress of Colo, the North American Confederation and the Grand Republic of Delvera were close to the union. On 12 July 2018, the Prime Minister of the North American Confederation announced completed the selection for the Senate and that the Delveran Integration Amendment has been successfully petitioned and would be sent to the Senate to be voted. The Prime Minister also announced a public vote for the Governor and Deputy of the NAC in the Grand Republic. The Emperor and Prime Minister were running for each respective position[4].

In Delvera, on 13 July, the Ministry of the Interior released its official Consular Election Procedure to coincide with the upcoming election[5]. One of the first actions of the new Consul would be represent Delvera in the Congress and also integrate NAC into the Grand Republic.

In Karnia-Ruthenia, the Imperial Diet was in recess and the political associations were mobilized to form political parties that fit the new electoral law, which created great expectation. On 08 July, the martial law that had been decreed was suspended and peace reigned over Nordinsel[6].

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Congress of St. Louis convened on the 04 August. The Karno-Ruthenian and Delveran delegations were present. The Fristehenian and Dewaconian delegations did not attend the meeting. The meeting, apart of introductory remarks, was the discussion of the pending articles of the 2018 Intermicronational Convention on War, specifically weapons, personal protection, and training. Because only a few delegations were present, the talks did not go too far. The Karno-Ruthenian delegation asked for time to analyze the text, having discussed in principle its effectiveness, being persuaded by the Delverans, since the intent of the document was to establish standards whereby a physical micronational war could take place within the scope of what a micronation is and without violating macronational law. During the session, was recommended the establishment of the Committee on Economic Development, the Committee on Truces and Prisoners of War and Committee on Economic Warfare. The second session of the Congress of St. Louis was scheduled for 11 August[7][8].

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