Cross of Lavrasia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Cross of Lavrasia
Awarded by the Lavrasian Triumvirate
Country Grand Republic of Delvera
Type Civil award
Eligibility Nomination and vote by the Lavrasian Triumvirate
Status Obsolete
Established 13 October 2016

The Cross of Lavrasia was a civil award presented by the Province of Lavrasia recognizing "notably meritorious service to the Commonwealth of Lavrasia in the form of defense, improvement, or advancement of the province that surpasses assigned duties". The Cross was the highest award that was presented by the province.

The Cross was created by the Lavrasian Triumvirate on 13 October 2016. It was only awarded once, to Jordan Brizendine in 2017.

Admission[edit | edit source]

An individual could be nominated for the Cross by a Lavrasian citizen, who would submit the nomination to the Triumvirate for review. If a simple majority of the Triumvirate voted in favor of admission, the Chief Executor (Governor) presented the award to the new recipient.

Recipients[edit | edit source]

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