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The curo (₡) is the official currency of the Grand Republic of Delvera. The plural form is curos. The curo replaced the formerly official currency name waadas in September of 2016.[1] The name "curo" is a portmanteau of the Latin word for copper (cuprum) and the European currency name euro. As a point of law, the curo is backed by a copper standard, and one curo is equivalent to .566 grams of copper.

Banknotes[edit | edit source]

Efforts to create a currency certificates began as early as May 2016, but a lack of proper equipment and funds hampered initial efforts. While some "Waadas" banknotes were printed and released, they quickly fell out of circulation.[2] In August 2017, the Delveran government announced that currency designs were being created and that the Delveran banknote was expected to be in circulation by November.[3] However, progress came to a halt shortly thereafter, when the graphic designer became unreachable.

During the following months the Delveran government renewed their efforts on the currency project, though finding a graphic designer for the project proved more difficult than expected. In late December, Delveran state media announced a banknote design contest with a $100 reward.[4] Shortly thereafter in February it was announced that currency designs had been finalized, and was designed by was designed by the Prince of Nossia.[5][6] The process of printing the currency began immediately thereafter. The first run of curos were delivered in March 2018.

The Delveran government circulated the bills by sending stimulus packages to each of their provinces, and by offering bills at the current exchange rate. Collector's sets were also made available upon official release. The currency was used to pay the wages of government employees, and continues to be exchanged between Delverans for goods and services.

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