Delveran Armed Services

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Delveran Armed Services
File:Drill Flags Winter 2013.jpg
Flags at AotM Winter Drill 2013
From Left: War Ensign, National Flag, GRA Battle Flag
Motto: Honor, Valor, Loyalty
Anthem "Delveran Military Anthem"
Established 29 May 2013
Integrated into Karno-Ruthenian Army 14 December 2021
Country Flagofdelvera.jpgGrand Republic of Delvera
Branches Army, Navy, Air Force
Previous engagements Operation Viscount
Operation Vicuña
Supreme Commander Jordan Brizendine
Adjutant Supreme Commander Dylan Callahan
General information
Headquarters Fort Constantine, Lavrasia
Active personnel >10
Standard weapon Red Ryder .177 caliber Air Rifle
Service weapon FAMAS

The Delveran Armed Services, or DAS, was the uniformed armed defense and disaster relief forces of the Grand Republic of Delvera. The DAS were controlled by Delveran High Command and governed by the Delveran Military Regulations. They included the Grand Republican Army (GRA), Grand Republican Navy (GRN), and Grand Republican Air Force (GRAF), though because of lack of personnel and equipment, the latter two were never formally established. They were merged with the Armed Forces of Karnia-Ruthenia early in January 2022 after the union between Delvera and Karnia-Ruthenia.

Regulations[edit | edit source]

The DAS were governed by the Delveran Military Regulations, descendants of the Lavrasian Military Regulations first codified in 2012. These statutes governed all aspects of the military, from uniforms to organizational structure to code of conduct.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Delveran High Command oversaw all administrative and operational procedures of the DAS. High Command was composed of the Supreme Commander and Adjutant Supreme Commander, Chiefs of Staff and Adjutants Chief of all service branches, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of all service branches, the Commandants of all Provincial Militias, as well as any other service member(s) the Supreme Commander deemed appropriate.

The Supreme Commander was appointed by the Consul and confirmed by the Council of Governors. The Adjutant Supreme Commander was chosen by the Supreme Commander. The other members of High Command were determined solely on the basis of rank. The Supreme Commander and Adjutant Supreme Commander were usually the two highest ranking officers in the DAS.

Supreme Commanders[edit | edit source]

# Portrait Name Assumed Office Left Office Region
1 90px Jordan Brizendine 29 May 2013 31 January 2017 Lavrasia
2 Dylan Callahan 31 January 2017 5 July 2017 Neosho
3 Adam Brizendine 5 July 2017 12 July 2020 Lavrasia
4 Maverick Callahan 20 July 2020 10 July 2021 Ozarkana
5 Jordan Brizendine 10 July 2021 14 December 2021

Training[edit | edit source]

Unlike many micronational militaries, the DAS conducted regular military training exercises and maintained equipment, weapons, and fortifications for the purpose of actual physical defense in the event of war with another micronation. Several DAS personnel received external education in military tactics, survival skills, and disaster relief, which they attempted to pass on to other service members. Macronational military books and texts were also consulted in training.

Active duty officers of the Grand Republic were required by regulation to attend and graduate from the Lavrasian Military Academy before receiving their commissions. However, the Academy was never formally established, though no new officers have been needed since 2013, making the program unnecessary in the Grand Republic. A basic outline of graduation requirements and a logo were developed in 2012 by Jordan Brizendine, who hoped to one day open the Academy.

Armament[edit | edit source]

The DAS maintained a large arsenal of airsoft weaponry for the purpose of training and possible micronational war. Primary armories were located in the Province of Lavrasia, the Territory of Zancudo, and the District of Neosho. The weapons and supplies within were continuously upgraded and replaced by service members, ensuring readiness in an emergency.

Symbols[edit | edit source]

The DAS was represented by the Gadsden Banner, a historic American Revolution flag and a symbol of civil rights activists in the United States. The banner was chosen because of its vibrant color and defiant message to potential adversaries. The standard DAS uniform patch was chosen for its connection to the flag through the symbol of the snake, and also for its likewise vibrant coloration.

The "Delveran Military Anthem" and "Salute to the Grand Republic March" were official songs of the DAS, as stated by regulation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The only operational branch of the DAS was the Grand Republican Army (GRA).
  • Though the primary focus of the DAS was defensive warfare, it could also be mobilized to aid in disaster relief.

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