Delveran consular election, 2016

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Delveran consular election, 2016
← 2015 July 8-11, 2016 2017 →
Candidate Jordan Brizendine Casey Pemberton
Party Non-partisan Non-partisan
Home state Lavrasia Lavrasia
Popular vote 5 5
Percentage 50% 50%

First Consul before election

Jordan Brizendine

Elected First Consul

Casey Pemberton

The Delveran consular election of 2016 was the 2nd annual Delveran consular election, held from Friday, July 8 to Monday, July 11, 2016. Then-President Casey Pemberton defeated incumbent Consul Jordan Brizendine after Brizendine conceded the race to break a voting deadlock that lasted for two days. Pemberton and Brizendine were inaugurated Consul and President on the 13th. Also included on the ballot were several proposals for a new national flag, the winner of which became the prototype of the current flag of Delvera. Concurrent with the consular election, Lavrasian provincial elections were also held on July 11.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Brizendine's campaign centered around his personal record and achievements as the founder of Delvera, while Pemberton's focused primarily on "giving Brizendine a break." Brizendine and Pemberton selected Adam Brizendine and Dylan Callahan respectively to manage their campaigns.

Pemberton's campaign released an audio advertisement in the days before the election, the first of its kind in Delvera.

Debates[edit | edit source]

A debate between the candidates was held on June 17 and was hosted by Supreme Justice Dylan Callahan (prior to his appointment as Pemberton's manager). A software malfunction prevented the debate from being recorded, but a transcript was kept. Both candidates were polite to each other and the host, and had nearly identical opening and closing statements, leading one observer to remark, "It was the nicest debate in the history of ever."[1]

A second debate, planned to immediately precede the election, was not held due to financial issues.

Results[edit | edit source]

Polls were open from July 8 to July 11, coinciding with the first four days of the Delveric Heritage Festival. The extended time frame was to allow for sufficient time for all citizens to vote and to incorporate the election into the festival.

28% of the eligible voting population turned out for the election, a percentage comparable to the previous year. Brizendine received 80% of the Lavrasian vote, but lost to Pemberton in Neosho and Norden. Colo, which was expected to be a support base for Brizendine failed to submit any votes, while Norden, expected to be a large voting power, counted only a single voter, resulting in a 5-5 tie. As per constitutional ruling, the vote was taken to the Council of Governors, which voted 2-1 in favor of Brizendine. However, Supreme Justice Callahan struck down the vote of the Colonian governor because he had failed to pay taxes and was thus ineligible to vote. At this point, Brizendine conceded the race in order to break the resulting two-day deadlock, making Pemberton the First Consul-elect.[2]

Candidate Home Province Popular Vote Percentage
Casey Pemberton Lavrasia 5 50%
Jordan Brizendine Lavrasia 5 50%
VOTER TURNOUT 10/36 voters 10/36 votes 28%

Voter demographics[edit | edit source]

Demographic subgroup Pemberton Brizendine Number of Ballots % of Total Vote
Total Vote 5 5 10 100%
Lavrasia 1 4 5 50%
Neosho 3 1 4 40%
Norden 1 0 1 10%

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