Delveran consular election, 2017

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Delveran consular election, 2017
← 2016 July 5, 2017 2018 →
Candidate Casey Pemberton Dylan Callahan
Party Non-partisan Non-partisan
Home state Lavrasia Neosho
Popular vote 3 5
Percentage 37% 63%

Consul before election

Casey Pemberton

Elected Consul

Dylan Callahan

The Delveran consular election of 2017 was the 3rd annual Delveran consular election, held on Wednesday, July 5. Then-Minister of Commerce and Minister of State Dylan Callahan defeated sitting Consul Casey Pemberton in a landmark victory, becoming the first non-Lavrasian to ascend to Delvera's highest executive office. Callahan and Pemberton were summarily inaugurated Consul and President later the same day. Concurrent with the consular election, Lavrasian provincial elections were also held on July 5.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Election poster released by the confederal government

Callahan's campaign centered around his personal motivation and drive to improve Delvera, using the slogan "Make Delvera Great for Once", while Pemberton's focused on his continuing non-interference in the lives of Delveran citizens.

The 2017 campaign season was cut short and reduced in scope due to the resignation of the season's architect, Minister of the Interior Samuel Johnson, in April. The resignation was spurred by Johnson's involvement in and impeachment over the Hyperactivity Crisis earlier that year.

Debates[edit | edit source]

The first debate between the candidates was held on February 9 and received moderate viewership over online live stream. The second debate was held on March 10, but became a broadcast solely dedicated to Callahan after Pemberton cancelled last minute due to a scheduling conflict and Callahan refused to pass up the opportunity to speak. Originally, a third debate was planned, but it never took place.

Results[edit | edit source]

Media released by the Ministry of the Interior showing the original campaign season timeline

The vote was held on July 5, nearly a month after the originally scheduled date of June 11. This delay is attributed to the loss of voter registration data after Minister Johnson's abrupt departure.

57% of the eligible voting population turned out for the election, an increase of 29% over the previous year. Pemberton failed to win a majority in either province, being defeated 5-3 by Callahan. No territorial or non-residential citizens voted in the election.[1]

Candidate Home Province Popular Vote Percentage
Dylan Callahan Neosho 5 63%
Casey Pemberton Lavrasia 3 37%
VOTER TURNOUT 8/14 voters 8/14 votes 57%

Voter demographics[edit | edit source]

Demographic subgroup Callahan Pemberton Number of Ballots % of Total Vote
Total Vote 5 3 8 100%
Lavrasia 3 2 5 63%
Neosho 2 1 3 37%

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