Duke of Libertia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Duke of Libertia
Duque da Libértia
D. Guilherme
since 20 December 2014
StyleHis Highness
Heir apparentD. Alexandro da Lomellina e Berenguer
First monarchD. Guilherme
Formation20 December 2014
ResidenceDucal Palace of Lomellina e Berenguer

The Duke of Libertia, oficially reffered as Duke et Prinz of Lomellina and the Libertian Lands, Count of Berenguer and Lord of Moniz, is the monarchical head of state of Libertia. The duke is also the head of the Ducal Family, the heads of government in Libertia, they can aprove and enact new laws within Libertian borders with the voting majority of the Aristocracy.

Full titles[edit | edit source]

The current duke, D. Guilherme, bears the full style: The Right Honourable His Grace Dom Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer, Duke et Prinz of Lomellina and the Libertian Lands, Count of Berenguer and Lord of Moniz, Chancellor of Ruthenia, Baron of Vieira, Count of Imvrassia and Duke of Ledjanoj Ostrov.

History[edit | edit source]

The original Declaration of Independence of Libertia.

In the 20 November 2014, the Lomellinian Aristocracy proposed a government change in which the High Chanceller Richard Abreo-Louis had complete ruling power over the aristocracy members, in a decision that did not pleased D. Guilheme I, the Prince of Lomellina, since the prince had gave great autonomy for aristocracy.

His denial caused the aristocracy to protest and started an anti-absolutist campaign against the prince on the 26 November. The same day, the event now called "Lomellinian Revolt" began, and Richard Abreo-Louis was crowned as the constitutional successor of Prince Guilherme and his reign lasted for only 3 days. On the 01 December, Guilherme I was officially overthrowed by Richard Abreo-Louis after the capture of Castello di Valle, Lomellina's capital city. After 04 December, Richard turned the nation into a State in which the only territorial posession was Castello di Valle, thus creating the State of Lomellina.

As for the dethroned D. Guilherme I, he exiled to the Autonomous Kingdom of the Savage Islands, which was formed by his cousin, King Francisco de Moniz II. After a week in exile, D. Guilherme took the conclusion that he still held ruling power in Lomellina Consolato and founded the Duchy of Libertia within the city along with his Ducal Family.

On the 30 January 2015, D. Guilherme established contact with the King Oscar of Ruthenia, with the idea of annexing Libertia into his project, the Kingdom of Ruthenia, a request that was instantly accepted, since the two were old friends. King Oscar elected Guilherme as Chancellor of Ruthenia and a place his family between the other Ruthenian noble houses by Royal Decree nº033 as of 1 February 2015 that states: "I grant autonomy to the Dukes of Libertia to rule the Duchy from which it comes from that in full accord and harmony with the Government of Ruthenia." (Article 5) and "I nominate His Royal Highness the Duke of Libertia, for the position of Chancellor of Ruthenia, whose functions shall be established by the Constitutional text." (Article 6).

List of Dukes of Libertia[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Reign duration House Title
I D. Guilherme
20 December
present 9 years, 6 months, 28 days Lomellina-Berenguer Duke et Prinz of Lomellina and the Libertian Lands
First de facto Duke of Libertia. 13th Prince of Lomellina and second Grand-Duke of the Savage Islands. Founded the Duchy of Libertia after the Lomellinian Revolt in Lomellina after being dethroned by Richard Abreo-Louis then Constitutional Prince of Lomellina.

Line of Succession[edit | edit source]

  • D. Francisco, Count of Berenguer and Lord of Moniz, married with D. Maria, Countess of Priestley.
    • D. Francisco II, Count of BerenguerDECEASED, married with D. Ana of Paullini.
      • Lords of PaulinniEXCLUDED.
    • D. Maria Joseph, Dame of Cabralmarried with Jorgef II, Lord of Cabral.
      • three childreenEXCLUDED.
    • D. Raul, Lord of MonizDISGRACEDmarried with Maria Hernandz Egga.
    • D. Hellena, Dame of JardinDISGRACEDmarried with Johan Macario, Lord of Jardin
      • three childreenDISGRACED.
    • D. Angela, Dame of LomellinaABDICATED married with D. Alexandro, Count de Veloza and Lord of Nunez MacedoDECEASED
      • D. Alexandro II, Count de Veloza married with Princess Deborah of Milward Valle
        • Lords of Milward Valle.
      • D. Joseh Maria, Lord of Nunez Macedo
      • D. Angela II, Dame of Moniz e BerenguerDISGRACED married with D. Luís, Lord of Villa Côrrea
        • Lords of Villa Côrrea.
      • D. Siera, Dame of Moniz e VelozaABDICATED married with Joseh Locio, Baron Vieira
        • D. Guilherme, Duke et Prinz of Lomellina and the Libertian Lands, Count of Berenguer and Lord of Moniz married with D. Tânya, Baroness of Côrrea and Dame D'Ornellas.
        • D. Alexandro, Infante of Lomellina and Marquis of Grancasa
        • D. Gabriel, Lord of Lomellina
        • D. Luciana, Dame of Lomellina
    • D. Adrienne, Dame of LomellinaDISGRACED
      • Lady Marianne of Moniz married with Prince Telle van Bettancorte

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