Dustin Goss

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
The Honorable
Dustin Goss
1st Deputy of Germanija
In office
08 August 2015 - 07 May 2016
Governor Christian Newton
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Vacant
Personal information
Born 14 December 2000 (2000-12-14) (age 23)
Upland, Pennsylvania
Citizenship Grand Republic of Delvera
Nationality United States
Political party Nonpartisan
Residence Fort Tudor
Religion Christian
Military service
Allegiance Grand Republic of Delvera
Province of Germanija
Service/branch Grand Republican Army
In service 2015 - 2017
Rank Sergeant

Dustin Goss was a Germanijan-Delveran politician and military serviceman. Goss served as the acting Deputy of the Province of Germanija until May 2016. Goss was also the Platoon Sergeant of B-Company, 1st Platoon in the Grand Republican Army, which was the first DAS unit based outside of Missouri.



Goss was granted the rank of Corporal in the Delveran Armed Services in July 2015, and served in B Company, 1st Platoon of the Delveran Infantry Regiment under Christian Newton. Soon after, in September 2015, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and became the Platoon Sergeant of B-Company, 1st Platoon. He attended frequent training exercises and helped train recruits of the Germanijan Provincial Militia until his resignation from the military in May 2016 until rejoining in December of 2016 before a final resignation in the following year.

Political Career

Goss was a Germanijan citizen when the province was first founded on 26 July 2015. On 08 August 2015, he was selected personally by the then Governor Christian Newton to serve as the acting Deputy of the Republic of Germanija. His political career ended when he gave up his position in May 2016.


Goss made an abortive attempt to create a separate micronation, located in Florida, named "Talamh na Laochra," which roughly translates to "Land of Heroes" in the Irish language. Talamh na Laochra was disbanded after about two weeks, and Goss pledged to remain loyal to the Grand Republic and to the Province of Germanija.

In early May 2016, Goss failed to maintain contact with the Chamber of Deputies or fulfill his duties as a representative of Germanija. On 06 May, he was indicted by the Supreme Justice of the Delveran High Court for dereliction of duty. On the following day he expressed his desire to leave the micronation, resulting in a revocation of his citizenship for a 6 month period, after which he would be able to reapply if he desired. He eventually rejoined and taken a position once again as a Delveran ranger[1][2] before his definitive leaving in 2017.


Ethnically, Dustin consider to have English, Irish, and German ancestry.

Awards and Decorations


  • Basic Training Ribbon - July 2015
    "For successful completion of a Delveran Basic Training course."

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