Eighth Army

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Eighth Army
VIII Army Colour
Motto:: Freedom or Death
March The Army Passes
Established 01 July 2016
Country KarnianFlag.pngKarnia-Ruthenia
Commander Aggelos, Duke of Argadia
Adjutant Commander none
General information
Headquarters Argadoupoli, Argadia

The Karno-Ruthenian Eighth Army was a Karno-Ruthenian permanent field army and was established in 01 July 2016 as part of the Karno-Ruthenian Army in Argadia after the joining of the duchy to the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. The task of the Army since its foundation is to defend the Duchy of Argadia and its citizens.

First colour of the VIII Army.

History[edit | edit source]

The history behind the foundation of the Eighth Army begins with the joining of the Duchy of Argadia to the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. The roots of the Argadian land force was the Armed Forces of Imvrassia, established around 2011. After the joining to the Empire, the Argadian branch of military was created in July 2016 to serve as a defensive force of the Empire in the event of conflict. It was disbanded in 08 May 2020, after Argadia left the Empire.

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