Elizabeth Pemberton

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Elizabeth Pemberton
8th President of the Grand Republic of Delvera
In office
10 July 2021 - 14 December 2021
Consul Dylan Callahan
Predecessor Maverick Callahan
Successor Office Abolished
Deputy from Ozarkana
In office
12 July 2020 - 10 July 2021
Governor Jordan Brizendine
Predecessor Jordan Brizendine
Successor Casey Pemberton
Minister of Justice of Delvera
In office
1 October 2018 - 12 July 2020
Consul Michael Holloway
Casey Pemberton
Dylan Callahan
Predecessor Michael Holloway
Successor Office Consolidated
Personal information
Born 1998
Birth name Elizabeth Downs
Citizenship Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
State of Delvera
Nationality United States
Political party Nonpartisan
Residence Clarksbourg, Delvera

Elizabeth Pemberton (nee Downs) is a Delveran/Karno-Ruthenian politician. She has served as the Deputy from Ozarkana, Minister of Justice, and President of Delvera.

Career[edit | edit source]

Politics[edit | edit source]

In 2018, Pemberton was appointed to the position of Minister of Justice by Consul Michael Holloway and, after his resignation, was retained by Consul Casey Pemberton. Following the 2019 election, Consul Dylan Callahan chose to again retain her in this position. Her office was consolidated back into the consulate on 12 July 2020. Pemberton served as the Deputy from Ozarkana in the Chamber of Deputies from 2020 to 2021.

Pemberton entered the 2021 consular race and finished second, thereby winning the presidency and serving alongside Consul Dylan Callahan. She was the final President of Delvera, serving until the government was suspended upon the merger with Karnia-Ruthenia on 14 December 2021.

Private life[edit | edit source]

Pemberton was married to Casey Pemberton in 2020, and the couple lives in the capital city of Delvera, Clarksbourg.

Awards and decorations[edit | edit source]

Styles of
Margrave Pemberton
Reference style The Most Illustrious
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style My Lord

Karno-Ruthenian honors[edit | edit source]

Delveran Honors[edit | edit source]

  • Delveran Decennial Medal - 2023

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