Ellington Machado

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
The Most Excellent
Ellington Machado
High-Chancellor of the Principality
10 January 2016 - 29 January 2017
Prince Carlo I
Predecessor Office established
Successor Hian Martins
Personal information
Born 1999
Santa Catarina, Brazil
Citizenship Nossian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Independent
Alma mater Santa Catarina State University
Occupation Photographer

Ellington Machado was the infamous first High-Chancellor of the Principality of Nossia. Known, among other things, for his tense working relationship with the Prince of Nossia and his odd behavior, he is largely considered by the Nossians as the worst head of government the principality had to date.

Personal Life and Time in Office[edit | edit source]

Machado was normally unwilling to conform himself to protocol and the day-to-day running of the princely government. Known for his eccentric habit of dressing in leather jackets, cargo trousers, and military jungle boots, he was nonetheless dismissive of the uniformed services of the principality, being even at times hostile, especially to the Princely Guard, which he considered "an organization without any law or limit"[1], and declared once that, eventually, the guard would be forced to fight the law, and that the law would win[2]. At another time, he called the Nossian Nationalist Party, the biggest political force in Nossia, a "stillborn political zombie"[3]

He contented himself more with his pursuits in photography, a hobby that he eventually made into his career.

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